Little Saigon Adventures


Been eyeballing Banh Cuon Luu Luyen.

I hear the Banh Cuon with Thit Nuong is where it’s at


Baos Hog is getting kinda popular. It’s been awhile since I had it but I think they were the first to bring the bao fusion concept


Banh Cuon Luu Luyen

Located in a relatively quiet Little Saigon strip mall, sandwiched by landmarks like Little Saigon’s Most Haunted House at Euclid x Hazard and ahem Little Saigon’s Most Talked About “coffeeshop”, Cafe Starz. (Fellas, coffeeshop reviews with pics ain’t happening, I been asked a few times if I was a cop lol. The avocado shakes are banging though)

The name alone is a giveaway for the house speciality, Banh Cuon.

You got options here. I wanted to try it with Thit Nuong/Lemongrass Pork. You can also go big with lots of different add ons.

I don’t eat Banh Cuon too often. I do like Pho Tau Bay’s, which has a delicious pork-mushroom filling. It’s been awhile tbh since I had them. I heard from a few Bolsa locals at work that this place makes some of the best. From my own Chinese background they do remind me of cheung fun, the shrimp filled rice rolls you get at Dim Sum.

Banh Cuon Thit Nuong.

On my way to the restroom after I ordered I spotted an Auntie making the Banh Cuon fresh on a round flat top!

Dip or Pour?
Each table has some fish sauce and chili sauce. I mixed them both in a small bowl. Now from what I understand you can dip the Banh Cuon or just pour it over. Makes no difference to me but what do I know.

The Banh Cuon is soft and delicate, than you get some brightness from lemongrass and basil/mint, the dipping sauce rounds it off with a little sweet and spicy. Make sure you get some of them crispy shallots in each bite!

I think my next visit I will try the more simple and traditional fillings and toppings.


Now from what I understand you can dip the Banh Cuon or just pour it over.


so how was the coffee next door?


Mi Lay Cay at Brookhurst x Westminster

Mi Lay Cay has the most chewiest-QQ-al dente egg noodles in Little Saigon!

I got the dry. Noodles were great but this was pretty bland. Where is the savory oyster sauce based sauce mixed with the egg noodles? Not here. My Vi Mi Ga down the street does it right for the dry noodles. I think I’ll stick to the noodle soups here!

Oh I heard Phuong’s down the street has remodeled! They make Hu Tieu, My Tho style. Hit them up then bang bang with Co Ba and let me know who does it better.

Xiu Mai, this was just okay. I think Trieu Chau does it better imo.


Haha didn’t go. I did walk past Starz and the smoke smelled just as worst as a room in Circus Circus.


sounds legit.


You mean this flat top? Traditionally it’s steamed on a fabric stretch across the top of a pot of boiling water. Nowadays they do have equipment that looks like a file cabinet above the burner where they can make many trays of this quickly. The trade-off is that it’s not as thin and delicate.


Yes that’s it!!

I love your Instagram btw. Helps me learn more about Vietnamese food!


Return visit this time for the Bun Rieu.

Bun Rieu is actually one of the most popular noodle soups in Vietnam and among Vietnamese folks. Most will tell you their Mom/Grandma/Aunt makes the best!
I myself have not had homemade Bun Rieu.

Beautiful isn’t it?

I already knew the broth was going to be very flavorful and it was. I spruced it up with some Mam/Fermented Shrimp Paste, squeeze of lime, and some chile paste.

Got an extra of the Water Spinach/Ong Choy. This is very interesting how they slice this. An Uncle behind me was putting some kind of tool in the hollow area of the vegetable and the next second it’s split like a flower!!!

Vietnamese Green Juice.

I heard Hanoi Corner does a Bun Rieu with soft shell crab, that I will have to try!!!

Grabbed a Pandan Cake at Van’s Bakery. This was good!

The address on the cake is LamWay Baking in Echo Park. I imagine it will be even better fresh from the oven.


Anyone been to Thuy’s? All my Vietnamese peeps say to go there.


Thuys I believe is Vietnamese Bar Food (usually seafood).

Relatively undiscovered uncharted area for foodies


They tell me to get coconut snails there.


I tell people to go OC & Lau for escargots. Coconut, or otherwise.


Do you know any place that has whole roasted catfish with stinky fish sauce? Apparently this dish is eaten with herbs and greens? And the stinky fish sauce makes Nước chấm seem watered down.


Hmm, sorry no idea.


You can ask Favori or one of the bo 7 mon shops.


See my Favori post #130


@JeetKuneBao Have you seen any platters of quail on your sojourns? @ipsedixit says:

Chim Cut Chien Bo, ftw.


They have them at these Vietnamese Bar Food joints.

I think Oc and Lau was mentioned earlier and they do have them available on the menu as a appetizer.

Oc and Lau is probably the most well known place that serves this type of food. Ironic is that they don’t serve alcohol.