Longo Seafood


Has Anyone been?
It appeared to have opened a month or two ago on Garvey Ave, in the city of Rosemead at the site that have seen several dim sum/seafood Cantonese restaurants previosly . I went there last Sunday at noon. But the line was crazy and was told that our party of 4 will have to wait at least an hour. We left.


It sounds like you didn’t want to wait a longo time.

(I’m sorry, I had to.)


Yeah, I was relegated to take out next door which was OK, but which was also disappointing given how much they improved the dining room premises. Have to go back for sit down.


Any relation to the Toyota dealer?


Five of us returned earlier today (a Friday) at 11:15am and found ourselves having to wait for 20 minutes for our table. The interior decoration is un-conventional for LA Chinese restaurants. There is a what looked like a 20+ feet wide, curved giant LED TV occupying the middle of one side of the restaurant that showed a Hong Kong concert without sound.
The rest of the interior is done in an expensive modern style. However, no consideration were paid to sound damping. As a result, the place sounded very harsh and very noisy. Some curtains or sound absorbing wall covering and flooring materials will greatly improve the ambience.
Food wise, there are dim sum items that I are rarely offered in LA. These include, dumplings made with lobster instead of shrimp and served on a plate decorated with lobster head, tail and claws, black truffle siu mai , foie gras har-gow, wild mushroom rice roll (chung fun) heavily sprinkled with black truffle and for dessert, swallow nest egg tart. Almost all the standard and not so standard dim sum items are also offered.
Service was serviceable and above average for a typical LA dim sum place.


Thanks for the report–sounds promising!


Went this morning (partially based on your blog post) and really enjoyed it.

Fun space (the enormous tv screen is hilarious), good service, and I think I liked the food better than Elite (our normal go-to for dim sum). We didn’t end up going for any of the “signature” items, but the jasmine tea was delicious, the coconut pastry was one of my favorite coconut-based foods I’ve had (so good we got an order to go that I’m eating right now) and the various steamed goods were delicate and flavorful. I think my favorite of those was the shrimp and chives.

We arrived at around 11:15 and sat right away. By the time we left around an hour later it appeared there was a line.


shout out to @chandavkl from jgold


Did you enjoy all the dim sum items you listed?


Yes. And my complain is that if there is such a thing as too much black truffle for lunch, this is it. As noted, we had truffles on the siu mai and then again on the mushroom rice roll/cheung fun. The grated black truffles is fine for topping their siu mai (I slightly preferr this to Sea Harbour’s version) but I found the amount of added black truffle overwhelming the rest of the mushrooms’ delicate flavors when served with the mushroom rice roll/cheung fun. If they had listed it as truffle rice roll with assorted mushrooms, I would not have complained.


Arrived today around 10:30am with 3 people and was seated right away in an almost full restaurant. By the time we left around 11:30 the waiting area was full so best to arrive early!

Oatmeal Snow Cap Buns

Lo Bo Gao

Cream pineapple buns

Har Gow

forgot the name but was super tasty

Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice

Crispy Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Vegetarian Steamed Noodle

Pineapple Bun Interior

Regular Siu Mai

Why do they call it a oatmeal snow cap bun? Well because the filling is oatmeal! It was actually really good. I’d get it again. Did you see that custard to bun ratio in that pineapple bun?! As my bay area brethren would say: hella bomb! The dough was tender and the topping was crispy and delish :smile:

Lo Bo Gao (Radish Cake) was fairly standard, a hair better than China Red. Har Gow was gooood. Lately we’ve been getting a lot of har gow with plastic-y skins but these were soft and supple. Some might complain that they were over steamed but we thought they were just right. The lotus sticky rice was…alright. At least they didn’t put wax paper inside. I hate that but the flavors here were subdued. Not enough soy sauce in the sticky rice and the meat filling was meh.

Big miss was the glutinous rice dumpling (ham sui gok). They came out limp dick and were lukewarm to the touch. I was super bummed because if they were crispy and hot they’d definitely be contenders for best in the 626. Their ground meat filling is very tasty.

Siu Mai was glorious. None of that meat paste bullshit. Just compact and large chunks of shrimp and pork. Delicious!

Price was average: It’s not New Capital back in the day cheap nor is it Lunasia pricing. We would definitely go back. All things considered all the dishes were balanced and tasty. Very classical Cantonese flavors here.

My current dim sum ranking:

  1. China Red
  2. Sea Harbour
  3. Longo
  4. Elite
  5. NBC


Nice summary! That pineapple bun looks sumptuous.


Dreas- I completely concur with China Red at number 1. Was there again on Saturday and it did not disappoint on this my third visit.

The Har Gow were lovely, soft and melty. Highly recommended too are the almond crusted shrimp, shrimp & leek and chaozhou dumplings. Service was AMAZING!

Sadly, they are no longer offering their amazing vegetarian dumplings:(


Best thing at Longo is the AER-DEC faucet system in the restroom.


how did it taste?


What time do you recommend going on a weekday without having to wait for a table?


So I went this week with a friend who occasionally indulges me in a trip to dim sum. I say indulge because one, she’s not an adventurous eater, and two, she puts up me with ordering so much food, we get stares and laughters from other dinners and occasionally the waiters.

This time was no exception. We had a very friendly, young waiter.

We started with this bbq pastry. It was delicious!! This is a must order!

So I heard the chefs here came from Shi Hai, and they used to make the best deep fried Taro ever! I was so bummed when I started going down-hill and the chefs had clearly changed, and then Shi Hai closed. So I had to try this dim sum, which had some strange name - Beehive Cream Pastry?- but looked like the fried taro. OMG!!! The bomb!!! It was filled with a sweetened egg yolk and the combo of fried and sweet was perfect! Another must order.

My friend wanted to try this soy sauce chicken, and maybe I just had an okay piece, but I would not order this again. It was served cold and had nothing special to it.

This oatmeal bun was good, like a pan dulce, but we had so much food, I only had a bite. The waiter said it was their best seller.

The truffle dim sum was good though the filling was a tad dense, but that stopped no one from eating them, even as leftovers!

The lobster dumplings did have a thicker skin on them than the shrimp ones (as JG complained of in his review), but my husband, who ate them as leftovers, felt it better complemented the lobster, the thicker wrapping.

The pig intestince was excellent!! Super tender with great seasoning. I wish I had ordered less so I could have had more of the better items, like this one. The waiter said this dish was only for the Chinese but I beg to differ. (#42)

Shrimp dumplings, with thin wrappers.

The tripe could have been more tender but was fine. They had more than one tripe dish on the menu and I would try another next time. (#40)

This was good, the shrimp and chives, but the next one was a must order, in my book.

This dim sum was completely different from anything I’d ever had. It was ground meat and nuts. Delicious! (#33 I think)

We got two of the rice rolls. One might have been beef and green onions, and it was very good, but the bbq pork one was phenomenal. Get that one!!


bbq pork - addictive!!! (#6, I think)

My friend loved Longo Seafood so much she wants to go back! That’s never happened before! It was a truly standout experience!

After, our very friendly young waiter helped fill up a mountain of to-go boxes with us!!


KE drops a dinner review



Just my little take on the dim sum here, through 3 dim sum brunches here.https://lafoodiepanda.com/2018/08/21/dim-sum-and-more-at-longo-seafood-restaurant-%E9%B4%BB%E5%BE%B7%E5%93%81%E4%BD%8D-in-rosemead-ca/


Your local ETTV America coverage of Longo, includes an interview with the dim sum / stir fry chef who speaks Mandarin with an accent (guessing Southern China somewhere)

There’s footage of using a whole lobster to make lobster ha gow.

My biggest question…they are using bamboo steamers in the kitchen per the clip. But how come the dim sum steamers are non bamboo at the table? :thinking: