Majordomo - chinatown


New David Chang restaurant, and similar to bestia, located in an industrial part of town on a dead end street adjacent to the train tracks and the la river.

Overall everything was pretty good, the bing bread was the highlight, warm, soft, and fluffy and went very well with the spicy lamb. I’ll be back to try the bing with benton’s reserve ham. Another surprise highlight were the raw sugar snap peas, wow they were super fresh and reminded me of the wasabi peas you get in a can, couldn’t stop eating them.

bing, spicy lamb, labneh

stuffed peppers, benton’s sack sausage, buttermilk

raw sugar snaps, horseradish, radish, shallot

crispy pork belly green papaya, bibb lettuce, chili sauce

hotteok - dates, pistachio, sesame

worst spot for a urinal


Weekend Eating Trip May19-20

i really enjoyed the food here last night. i’ll definitely be back. The Bing with spicy lamb was indeed delicious, i liked the stuffed peppers. The Fried Skate rice was good. Pork belly had really good crispy skin.

The dessert! loved it! Citrus Kakigori


wtf does that cost? 4 pieces of pork belly?

I mean it LOOKS amazing, but it also looks like a large format dish that’s been heavily downsized.


I generally hate fusiony korean food because I feel like the traditional version of that korean dish is always better. Having said that, I’ve never eaten at one of David Chang restaurants so I’ll try this place eventually.


that pork belly dish was $22, it’s about 5-6 pieces if i remember correctly. i think it’s made as a dish for 1 person, not a large format dish. It comes with a bowl of rice. I could see myself walking in, sitting at the bar and having just this for dinner. i think i would be satisfied.


that’s an amuse bouche to me.


I’ve had the pork belly bao in NYC, and it was good. I found the recipe and make it at home now.
Looking forward to giving this place a shot soon.


22 bucks, the cheapest dish from the meat and fish sections


Just dined at Ssam bar last weekend. Thought it was terrible QPR and mediocre food. Hope this fares better. Think mediocre fusiony fare is going to die on the vine in LA. Just a more sophisticated palate in LA when it comes to Asian inflected fare.


I like his pork buns too, but unfortunately he’s not serving it here.


Menu (with prices):


Was Chef David in the house?


yessir he was, i believe he was talking to Amy Scattergood. Before i left, i saw him in the kitchen


Dude. Chickpeas and uni appetizer portion at fucking $30 a pop?!


Did you visit the Pit of Misery? (Dilly Dilly)


Thanks…I remember liking the other dishes we tried while in NYC. I really wanted to do the fried chicken set meal, but we didn’t have enough people.
Maybe I can wrangle enough people to try the ribs here in LA.


The fried chicken meal set I thought was an excellent value. The long term gain from that meal was recreating parts of it at home - with bibb lettuce, that ginger sauce which you can find in Momofuku’s cookbook, and Popeyes chicken, you can recreate about 80% of the awesomeness for < $10.


compare that to Kobawoo’s bossam plate lol


This was my precise thought, too, when viewing the pics.


Does anybody know if the bar is first come first serve?