Majordōmo - chinatown


This was great. Now will you please go review Vespertine and Gjusta for us? :wink:


Great report please post your food adventures more often, I thoroughly enjoyed the wall of text! Your nuanced parsing of the opinions for and against was superb.


:facepunch::fist_left::fist::cricket_bat_and_ball: guilty as one of the early bashers…

Nice writeup & observations, that wall of text looks even worse on the phone… :rofl: Hope you post more often and receive the various coveted badges awarded by FTC.


FTC meetup??? :wink:


I’m in, which makes three. That’s about right number of FTCers to tackle that short rib, yeah?






if i didn’t eat anything else on the menu, i think i could finish it with another robust person


I actually have a 6 top res for 3/17 if you all want it. 845pm


I can do that


I’ll take it even if the rest of the group cannot make it and round up some friends.


Sold to CiaoBob for the price of leftovers.


You are like the Keymaster with your rezzie magic. In awe.


I will ask partner tonight. I can totally do that, but I’d feel like a jacka$$ for leaving him at home. :wink: But maybe that APL ribs will soothe my guilty conscience. But bringing him would make for 6. :smiley:


Cool. Fine to bring partner if we don’t fill with the FTCers who already expressed interest.
So far I have confirmation from:


I’d ask to be put on the reserve list, but I’m busy that day… next time!


i’m in if there’s room for my friend from out of town.


I think we need to hear from @Bookwich to finalize.
But if he/she is out I think we have a quorum with
PGL + 1
PB + 1


Do you all already know each other? Am I going to be the one person at the wedding table that doesn’t know anyone else?


I know JL - he’s really nasty so your cautions are well founded :slight_smile:
Seriously, I never met PGL or PB but my experinces meeting FTCers /Chowhounds has (mostly) been great, so please come if that’s the only concern !