Majordōmo - chinatown


Been seeing the $15 range mostly. Rarely 12, sometimes 17, and I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen one for $10 out here.


I was in Portland and Denver for work a while back, and couldn’t get over how “cheap” the food and drinks were. Cocktails that are usually $14-16 here were $10-12 there. Makes you realize how much more eating out costs here.


0% tax in portland to boot!


My colleagues and I travel on business a fair amount and it always hits us how much cheaper fine dining is in other cities (except Chicago and NYC) than in California. We were recently in New Orleans, Austin, and Charleston hitting some of the best places they had to offer, and while none was really “cheap” they were all between 15% to 25% cheaper than similar levels of restaurants here.


FYI the APL short ribs come in three. It’s about four pounds of meat total, (eight pounds including bones) so maybe 64 oz. QPR could be debatable but everyone who ate it immediately loved it. They take a bit of extra meat and make a really good fried rice too. It’s a huge portion so if you order a few starters and sides this could be enough for four people for dinner.


There’s a dark side to all of that, but since that’s not food related…


Yeah that’s a hard pass for me that QPR is pretty bad and I’m not willing to pay +$45/lb for smoked short ribs lol.


Well again, I’d argue it’s a good QPR because the quality is very good and justifies the price. Have you ever paid $45 for a 16 oz steak? I’d rather have this smoked short rib over a steak


My dinner at Majordomo was incredible. I didn’t know what to expect. The layering, complexity and depth of flavors were unlike anything I’ve had at any L.A. restaurant or Chang’s other restaurants for that matter. The meal was just flat out delicious. Three of us ate for $190 with a cocktail and carafe of wine and we were plenty full by the end.

We did not have the short ribs as we were only three people and were told we really should have four or more people. That might have been true, but we still looked longingly at every table that ordered short rib. There’s a lot to it and the tableside prep is fascinating especially the boneless short rib. The APL short ribs is a hefty dish (4-6 people). Before judging the QPR of either short rib dishes, one might want to check it out.

Everything was good, but my highlights were the Bing with Chickpea Hozon + Uni and the Rare Strip Loin.


I can’t get enough of the fucking bing bread. if there wasn’t more on the damn menu to try i would be happy with just a bing bing bang bang for dinner, it’s that good. bing is the new pork bun.

bing, chickpea hozon, uni
Looks simple but completely agree with @chewchow, this had so much flavor going on, nutty, spicy, creamy, ferment-y, and umami. paired with the super fresh and still climaxing uni and the fluffy bing, it was the perfect bite.

pan fried chow mein , clams, mushrooms
this was like a spicy clams with basil on top of some crispy chow mein. i liked the addition of mushrooms, overall it was ok.

rare strip loin, bonji, egg, rice
i liked this a lot better than the crispy pork belly. the key here is to add some drops of the bonji to the onsen egg (i also like to add a few drops on the meat) and then eat it with the rice and house made gochujang. it was like a comforting beef bowl.

not a toto

p.s. saw roy choi and daniel patterson at the end of the bar eating with david chang


Did you have res or try to walk in? Trying to guage whether worth just going and waiting for a table.


I also really enjoyed my meal at Majordomo. Didn’t get anything large format because of the weird mix of diets in our group, but we ate through much of the rest of the menu as a result. My highlights were that chickpea bing, the fried potatoes with salsa seca, the spicy paper bag cod, and the stuffed peppers, which tasted like a hybrid of a chile relleno and a pan-fried pork dumpling in the best possible way.

I also found the service particularly good, professional and competent in a way that felt very New York to me.

I’m interested to see what it’s like in 6 months or so when D Chang maybe isn’t in the kitchen every night and there aren’t celebs cruising through all the time and some other fancy NY chef has opened a hot new spot in a warehouse in some other rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, but I came away very impressed and excited to return. (also FWIW I’m a white dude who didn’t grow up with much Korean food and I could never cook any of this stuff at home)


I had a reservation. The 12 seat bar filled up about 10 minutes after opening on a Friday night.


But the rent for their property in Oregon and pay to their workers is the reason they’re 25% cheaper. When I eat out in California, the QPR for me inevitably needs to include an awareness of the expenses they accrue to be in their location and space, and to be in LA which can’t be cheap.


The food at Majordomo seems really uninhibited and free compared to Chang’s other restaurants. It seems more “this is what I like” than “what are critics going to think”.


Thanks. I tried going online for reservations and it seems you can’t get one now. Good for Chang, bad for me!


Walked in Wednesday night. No wait.

Whereas, tonight we had reservations. And, it was necessary.


How was it?


House of Carbs podcast talks about the restaurants for a good 25 minutes. Starts at 27:40


I heard rumors that the large format short ribs are now only available by calling ahead. As a walk-in, did you find that to be the case?