Majordōmo - chinatown


Happy to hear good early reports. Looking forward to trying this place soon.


Can’t confirm that, but that’s why we went last night.


Since I started paying attention to food, I don’t buy steaks from restaurants unless they are dry aged.


this. ever since i got the steakager from kickstarter a few years back, stopped going to steakhouses altogether :joy:


This device looks amazing! Wish I had a second fridge.


Cool! I used to suspend the meat tied with twine in my refrigerator to dry age.


If you’re two, you can try to walk in (maybe not prime time) and wait for a seat at the bar. That’s how I’d play it.


Thinking of this thread as I walked by a bao shop tonight in Kaohsiung. They’ve been slinging these baos since 1989, so they definitely did not rip David Chang off. 60nt, a bit less than 2usd per HUGE bun.



Food and Wine interview with Chang


Nice piece.




The bar menu does not include the whole plate short rib or some of the other big dishes.

Very international selection of pickles: Korean, Japanese, French, American …

The menu said smoked pork neck, but the server called it coppa. The pickled chiles were key to tying all the ingredients together. This was very filling, in retrospect it wasn’t the best choice for a solo diner wanting to try a lot of things.

“Heroin” was playing around this time, albeit quietly.

“Bounty bowl” crudites: menu said domojang, the server called it nam prik. Really good.

Stuffed peppers: very good, and I agree the dip is unnecessary.

The “potatoes,” comp from the kitchen, I guess they liked the way I ordered, or my T-shirt. This felt familiar somehow but I can’t think from where. Leaving the peanuts in the shell meant that you have to get your fingers all covered with the wet / oily bits to get at them. I felt like I should really have had a bottle of soju or a cocktail. They do have 1.6 liter bottles of Hite, by the way.

Somewhere in here I’m pretty sure the soundtrack was “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.”

I should have taken a video of the presentation. Lovely dish, though I’d have liked more daikon. They cut the noodles.

That was a ridiculous amount of food for just me so dessert was out of the question. I like that they suggest yellow Chartreuse.

I definitely want to go back with a group to eat that big rib.


Tell us, please.




i don’t see the smoked bone short rib on the menu, is it only by special request?


It’s not on the bar menu (edited my post to note that). It is available at the chef’s counter (reservations required).


so what was apl doing there? a photo op?


Those yummy $190 ribs at Majordomo are essentially APL’s recipe. He collaborated with David Chang on this dish. (Yes, they are yummy.)


According to APL’s Instagram, he was doing a slicing demo of the beef short ribs.