Massive Burrito


A friend is coming tomorrow and said he wants to get a massive burrito. I would like for it to be good. Where else besides el tepayac and el abajeno?


Pepe’s. Get the Pepe’s burrito.


This place?


Anaya all day every day -


Anaya has a big burrito?


How big are we talking? I would classify Anaya’s burritos as big.

Here’s a crappy yelp pic for reference:


Is a “massive burrito” the same as a “Mission burrito”?


La Azteca Tortilleria - the chile verde burrito with carne asada.


Has to be on its own plate.


Damn. I don’t think I could finish one of those.

What goes in must comes out


No. This place:

Picture stolen from yelp. This thing is f’n big.


The super burritos at El Atacor in Cypress Park are comically oversized. Not quite sure how to add photos but:

The potato tacos are fun/inhale-able if you don’t want a burrito, and they’re open until like 3 am or something if you want to go after a drink at Footsie’s or w/e


Ooh,nooooo. A wet burrito. Are “massive” burritos all like that?


no one can finish it.


Thanks. anything else good there? I may get the hard shell tacos. What meat is the best? Al Pastor looks good.


El Tepeyac because they are all about the big burrito.


Never had hard shell so cant vouch for them. The pastor and chorizo are both very good, I like the pastor best. Other than the burrito I had the normal soft tacos which were very good, but not as good as a great truck. That burrito is what I go for because its just an absurd decadent treat if yoh like mission burritos.


Oh, so they don’t have to be “wet”? That’s good.


That’s where we usually go. Was going to suggest some place new.


Especially when ‘feeding’ visitors I almost always stick with places I already know I like.