May 2018 Weekend Rundown


I just discovered the joy of Sinbala frozen sausages and now need to buy another 5 pounds.


Oh no! Another fan!


Come over we’ll make you some. We taught them how to do it.


You gotta eat it with some raw garlic


Guerrilla Tacos for breakfast:

Hamachi tostada (raw tomatillo chile, white miso, nori paste, furikake, herbs, gooseberries).

Lamb albondigas (morita chile, tomato confit, micro herbs, chipotle crema).

Chicken with green mole (aged cheddar, pickled onions, chives).

Sweet potato (almond chile, feta, fried corn, scallions).

Shrimp quesadilla (burnt tomato chile, pickled onions, Oaxacan cheese, avocado, market greens, blood sausage).

Shake Shack (El Segundo) for dinner. Double shackburger with bacon added.

“Dessert” was next door at the newly opened Philz Coffee which I’m thrilled about because I love their mint mojito iced coffee. Should that be in the confessions thread? :laughing:


Did they replace blacktop?


Sorry, I meant Philz opened up next door to Shake Shack in El Segundo.


That seems to be a winning combination. Same setup in Glendale. I too bang bang shake shack with a mint mojito.


Oh, good! I don’t feel so “basic” anymore. :smile:


Fries at The Oinkster. Still my favorite in LA!!


good cheeseburger there too!


I think the steak fries at Lazy Ox had the best steak cut fries. Until they closed.

And at Oinkster, the chicken salad sandwich and ube shake is a killer combo.


Ledlow has really good fries too, until they closed.


Even better croissants


La raison d’aller for Oinkster




I had to check out the website, thank you! No prices are listed. Is $50 for the take out bento? Do you know what the 10 course meal costs? I know, if you have to ask…


Restaurant’s not open yet for dinner.


Can you tell me what’s in that garlic mixture when you buy sausage w/ garlic?


Thinly sliced garlic? Not sure I’m understanding your question. Seriously not trying to be glib.