May 2018 Weekend Rundown


May was a mixed bag for us, especially dining out (home cooked meals were much better, thankfully).

A special order cake for a kiddo who wanted a marble cake “the swirly kind!” with “eight roses, so everyone gets one” and “no words.”

What Ralph’s gave us:

A Mother’s Day cake from Lark; Mom wanted white cake with lemon curd filling and chocolate ganache. Wasn’t told, when ordering, that their lemon curd is now heavily flavored with thyme. Thyme and chocolate are not a great combination.

Take out from Joe’s Falafels: 1/3 of order not included, falafels were dumped in paper bag that was then put into a plastic bag and tied off - so they sweated and crumbled. The sides - hummus, babaganoush, tabouli - were put into aluminum rounds with plastic lids on top but they didn’t crimp the edges, so contents spilled and we opened that bag to a complete mess. This is the second bad experience with Joe’s so they’re off our list. (Though I must say they do have great pita, which we did use and enjoy - with an order from Sahara.)

The very good:
Zelo Pizza came through with great pizzas, calzones, and their perfect beet salad - yay!

Namaste Spiceland is now on our regular rotation, thanks to the FTC people.

I might be addicted to the Farmer’s Market Plate from Pitfire Pizza (though am ambivalent about their pizza).

Daisy Mint was quite good for a bunch of veg curries and noodles and such. (The Daisy Noodles, with a red curry, are delightful.)


Everything you describe about Joe’s is why I don’t order anything to go from them. If you buy a plate they use one of those shitty 3 compartment plastic containers - hummus in one, cold salad in the other, hot entree in the main. Salad always wilts, hummus always overflows.


I hope kiddo wasn’t too disappointed. Ralphs report card: Reading, Fail. Math, Pass!
You get a good story to tell, at least.


I had a strong impression no one there was particularly engaged with their work. And am still grumbly they didn’t give us the falafel laffas we ordered and paid for. (I called after the mess and missing foods were discovered; was put on hold and disconnected twice - not going to try again.)

Kiddo was crestfallen, esp as had gone with to place order and drew what was desired so they’d get it right.

BUT…Vons to the rescue! They were able to pull and modify/decorate a marble cake (you know, with actual swirls in it!) to kiddo’s specifications and staved off further meltdown.

Mother of kiddo says kiddo wrote letter to Ralph’s about what happened and explained why it was important to pay attention to directions. Also explained that Vons was good at following directions and maybe they should go there to learn. (This is a very, very particular kiddo.) Kiddo also noted that they had two birthday cakes and said that was a good surprise and thanked the bakery for that. I would give anything to have read that letter- the mother recounted it to me and I was breathless with laughter.


That’s what I’m talkin’ about. A chicken salad sandwich at Oinkster? Who knew?


Your cake fail posts are always hilarious.


I :heart: this kid.


This pretty much described most Middle Eastern/Mediterranean take-out. I’ve been considering telling them to scratch the salad, but instead just try to salvage a few crisp morsels.


Is the lunch galbi set at Park’s as good as a typical order off the a la carte menu? Or is it a different quality or cut of meat?


Thanks for the accurate intel @skramzlife Went for the Tuesday Parks Galbi lunch set and unlike the Friday Bulgogi lunch set, the Galbi was indeed grilled, yay!!!

Although they no longer include the grilled Yellow Corvina fish with the lunch set, it’s still quite a deal at $11.99!

June 2018 Weekend Rundown

$1.09/dish is crazy.

In APL pricing that’s like buy an onion get a meal free.


@Ns1 :grin:


First weekend in May… a little on the late freight.

Highland Ave

Husband’s Hudson Manhattan Rye

I normally don’t like whiskeys with mixers, but this was great.

Baguette, Butter from Normandy


Burgandy Escargot

My lord they do these right.

Baguette, the best edible utensil. Did I mention I :heart: their baguette?

Omelette w/Boursin Pepper Cheese, Chives

Chef Ludo called Boursin the Velveeta of France :grin: or something like that. I haven’t had Republique’s omelette, my reigning local favorite is Joan’s on 3rd’s, but fear I’ll have to revisit, because I loved this. The Boston Lettuce was very good and nicely dressed, maybe a tad too much crunchy salt.

Potato Darphin

No need to request extra crispy with this one. Inside the joyous, brown crunch is white, perfectly creamy, but still textured julienned potato. :heart_eyes:

Not Toto

It was a weekend afternoon. They were busy, but the turnover was fast and seating was almost immediate. The roar of the crowd has settled and it has turned into a sweet neighborhood and happen to be in the neighborhood spot. hopefully = longevity.


Another weekend in May

Los Feliz Location

Nice indoor/outdoor spot. No reservations, super busy weekends. It’s confusing but I think it’s two restaurant/bars housed in one building.

I was about to order the Peach Mimosa, but this…

Mangos Up - Margarita w/Fresh Mango Pulp, Blue Agave Tequila, Agave, HOMEmade Sweet & Sour, Garnished w/a Dried Chili Spiced Mango

Might be too sweet for some, but to me it was a sweet & sour delight, and I loved the spicy dried mango.

Honey Breaded Fried Chicken & Belgian Waffle

Chicken was semi-moist, too salty and the crust fell off, a decent waffle.

Southern Fried Steak, Beef Sausage Gravy, HOME (get it?) Fries, 3 Eggs, English Muffin.

Okay, I rarely get the guilts over anything I eat. What’s the use? On this one I must admit to a tinge. But the vote was unanimous - best bite on the table. The guy at the next table wolfed his down, sopped up the gravy and looked around like he wanted to lick the plate. :yum: Just ignore the boring un-crispy home fries and barely toasted muffin.

I’ve dined across the street at Green Leaves Vegan many times, and wondered about this restaurant behind the cute, folksy facade. Would we go again? Only if it’s a friend/family meet-up, we happen to be in the neighborhood and it isn’t too crowded.

  1. All that looks very tasty.
  2. You can very easily make that omelet at home, if the mood ever strikes you. Boursin lasts . . . a good long while in the fridge.
  3. What. Are. They. Doing. Serving manhattans on the rocks?


I don’t know! :blush: Is that bad?


It’s not bad, I suppose. It’s just . . . wrong.
I’m only half-serious. I’m a long-time cocktail nerd so I perhaps spend too much time thinking about these things.


One can try on the omelette, but you have to be quite skilled at home to achieve the texture they get at Petit Trois. I’ve had omelettes from many good home chefs and they’re not cooked at this level–this one is good because of technique, not because of anything that special about the omelette ingredients


It’s only a matter of practice. I’m not a particularly special home cook, but I can duplicate that omelet without much fuss.
I wouldn’t be so quick to discourage people from trying it out.
Your first 3-5 omelets might not be as good as ones from the restaurant, but they will be tasty. The Boursin actually does a lot to keep the texture luscious enough not to quibble much. After a few omelet-for-dinner nights over the course of a month, you’ll think you could work at Petit Trois.

This link can get you started with Lefebvre’s technique.

Honestly, a little practice (not much) and this omelet is yours any time you want it.


Most cooking techniques in the restaurants are not that difficult to replicate at home - what is unique to restaurant cooks is doing it 100s of times a day without too many mistakes