Newport Beach Recs


Thanks everyone. It’s down to Pueblo or Mozza.

LSXO looks amazing, but, as much as I love Too Short, I’d rather not have to explain the lyrics to my kiddos just yet.


great post, love the photos. yeah, I don’t think these pasta/meat dishes are exactly like the osteria mozza/chi spacca menus but still cool that all of them are in one restaurant. If I was in the area again, would definitely go back. The service was very nice for us, as well


It’s really a matter of QPR. They’re apples and oranges.


They don’t always have music with explicit lyrics. I’ve been in many times where it’s 80s/90s music. Best to call them and see if they can tell you what they will be playing.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Pueblo. It’s one of our favorites.