October 2018 Weekend Rundown


Next time you’re in NYC, head to Harlem for Amy Ruth’s chicken and waffles. Sooo good.



Had to bring dessert to a dinner party and bought an assortment from ST Patisserie. I’m not a sweets person, but everyone loved them.


A weekend trip to Westwood Village…


Hi @J_L,

Ooh! A limited edition one? I love Shichida’s lineup. :slight_smile: Sounds like @bulavinaka also got that nice offering. :slight_smile:


Baldoria Bar + Kitchen

Chicken & Waffle Tacos

Charred Octopus | tender baby octopus, caramelized cipollini, charred radicchio cream sauce

Wild Funghi Conserva | shiitake, cremini, king trumpet, Bloomsdale Spinach, taleggio, gremolata

Lil Tokyo Steak | Miso marinated flat iron, yuzu kosho, shiitake, shishito, cherry tomato red onion


Office lunch, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (University Park)…

Tokyo Hamburg (Koreatown)…

Potassium supplement, Apple Pan (Westwood)…

Bakmi ayam Jakarta & bakso sapi, perkedel jagung, ice teller, Ramayani (Westwood)…


Popeyes Hack

-Break off some chicken skin and fill it up with red beans and rice.

-Biscuit sandwich. Throw in mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, chicken, every damn side


I don’t feel so bad about loving Popeye’s anymore.


Hi @J_L,

Thanks for the reminder! What are your recommended dishes at Ramayani?


Fun fact–there is a Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen at the DMZ in Korea.


Zam Zam:

Chicken biryani

Incredible depth and breadth of flavor, super tender chicken and potatoes, amped up by some homemade(?) raita.

Beef seekh kebab

Again - simply incomparable to any other kebab I’ve ever tried. Beyond the taste of the ingredients shining through beautifully, there’s a permeating smokiness that would sell like gangbusters if you could bottle it.

Not pictured: chicken puff pastry. Perfectly spiced, and like everything else a compete steal for the price ($1.50 per piece - they’re big).

Also got some nihari to go, but haven’t tried it yet.


Curry House


Update: couldn’t resist and broke it open when I got home. The nihari, like everything else, is amazing. Long-stewed, falling-apart tender beef in a rich stew-like substance. The naan, however, is even better, if such a thing is possible. It’s incredibly fluffy, but what really sets it apart is the flavor imparted by whatever magic device they use to grill it - the same flavor as in the kebabs. Could just be a regular grill, dunno. Never had anything like it before.

Need to go down there more often…


In that Popeye’s meal, is that rice and potatoes and biscuit? Love it!


Soup weather at Brent’s Northridge


I’ve had the pastrami at Katz’s. It melted in my mouth. For a moment, I thought I was Sally Albright having her famous Big O there. Found it better than Langer’s.


Respectfully, I had the opposite reaction. Found the Langer’s sandwich to be much, much better. I feel like Sally might’ve faked it.


Did you eat the bread?


I swallowed the whole thing.


if you found that bread to be awesome then more power to yah.