Pasadena Updates


That rent is the killer of so many good restos.


Coming into the area mid-morning tomorrow for an appointment. Looking to try a bang-bang at Euro Pane and France’s. I need my annual egg salad fix and salted caramel macaron fix and a trip down memory lane to France’s. I’m actually going to get all of that to go. My husband is not particularly enthusiastic about my choices. Is there something in the area that would be a cool stop for an early lunch before we head home? I was thinking a stop at Leo’s, but am not sure he’ll be open when our appointment is over. Looking to stay within a $20 per person budget. Open to any cuisine.


You can get a Thai lunch special at Nine N Nine.


QQ Kopitiam


new donut place on colorado just east of los robles. offering donut and beer(?) pairings. opens on 11/7.


Will have to keep this for the next few times we head up this way. My appointment ran late and I needed to run to another appointment. Only had time for a stop at Euro Pane. Egg salad is my dinner tonight. Tried samples of their pumpkin pie bar, and it’s pretty good…a very good rendition of the pie. Had a macaron, too. It seems different than before…but maybe it’s because it hasn’t come to room temperature, yet.


This remains is good. Maybe not as good as I remember. The eggs are a touch over cooked and there is too much mayo. The sundried tomato spread is strong enough to help cut through the richness, but it’s not as harmonious. I don’t love this one as much as the others.
Upon further consideration, it was truly not as glorious as it once was. Way too much mayo.

Europane - An Old Favorite in Pasadena

Some co-workers went yesterday and brought in some donuts from there. I’ve been to the Vegas location and the donuts are decent. It will probably do ok with all the offices in the area.


the thing is, the donut/beer pairings are only on the weekends - which would tend to disqualify the weekend office business. you can see the paseo mall from there, but i can’t see a lot of the paseo traffic happening by - you pretty much have to be intentional to go east of los robles on colorado. parking’s not that great either.