Pasadena Updates


Sahara on Colorado near Sierra Madreb was excellent for lunch. I got the combo plate which was chicken kebob, steak kebob and lulu kebob with rice pilaf, hummus and tabbouleh. Each of the kebobs was very flavorful and most. The steak was a tad over cooked but still good. Best lulu kebob I’ve ever eaten. Great spicing and nice chart on the outside. The chicken was perfect. Loved watching these guys take the pre skewersd kebobs and put them on the flame. Takes about 15-20 minutes as they cook to order over those burning hot coals. Pita were store bought but who cares.

Really can’t recommend Sahara enough for their great kebobs. The owner is very nice guy. Calls everybody bro. If they keep on feeding me those delicious kebobs I’ll be his bro forever.


One of our favorites (great falafel, wonderful take out packaging when we order 2 dozen of them) - but their pita is from a bag, thin and dry. :sob:

Noticed that Famous Shish Kabob on Colorado at Vinedo had paper in the windows. Not sure what’s going on - small Persian place.


Awesome! Can’t wait to try it!


Union Street Cafe has a great beef brisket sandwich, and an awesome carrot cake (made without that fluorescent red food coloring).


Wait - WHAT? I didn’t know peeps even did that!

This is what I get for making my own carrot cake…

But the brisket sandwich sounds awesome!


You can get their brisket on any of their salads as well.

By no means a destination spot, but a good spot for breakfast and/or lunch.


Nick’s on South Lake (in the old Bru space). Very clean and modern looking. Staff falling over themselves with politeness. Menu seems a lot like Houston’s.
Had a Spicy Thai Salad with chicken. Actually had spice.
With their sweeteners, they serve an agave in tubes.


This is where the magic happens. But that pita…bleh. Everything else at Sahara is top notch.


I love this thread.

Anyone had a chance to try Mark Peel’s Prawn yet?

Had an epic Happy Hour at Alexander’s with Crab Fried Rice off the HH menu.


I’m going to try and hit it up for lunch next week and will report back.

Went to Great Maple the other day. It’s like Houston’s but not as good. I had the chopped salad and it was pretty bland. The chicken was very dry - probably leftover from last night but just bone dry. They used romaine which wouldn’t have been my first choice. The dressing was pretty flavorless. The only saving grace were the bits of chopped chorizo and olives.

The appetizers were better. Portobello mushroom fries and toasts were good.

Music in the space is unreasonably high for a mid week afternoon. There is absolutely no reason the volume to be that high. It was almost impossible to have a conversation at our table.

We saw a lot of fried chicken and maple bacon donuts coming out the window. I was trying to be healthy but it smelled and looked delicious. Not sure I would come here often given the price point for lunch.


I tried Prawn yesterday for lunch. I got the Thai lobster roll with fries.

The fries are more like slices of potato, deep fried. Very good. The lobster roll, I could have skipped. Before ordering, I asked if it was going to be wet because the menu made it sound like it would be wet and the person behind the counter assured me it wasn’t wet and there was just some sauce on it.

It was pretty wet. A few decent chunks of lobster, but the rest was all broken down and a wet mess. The curry taste was there, but it was undersalted. The lobster was also overcooked so that it had that weird spongey texture, which was not nice.

I think it’s in the old Johnny Rocket’s space and the outdoor area is nice, with a bolted down bar and bar seating and a handful of tables. The inside was very spacious, but your typical loud modern restaurant with bar seating.

Fishwives - New England Seafood Shack Hits Pasadena [Thoughts + Pics]

Green Street Cafe has opened at Oak Knoll and Green. The sign says mediterranean cuisine, but it’s basically Armenian/Lebanese with the usual pita wraps, hummus, etc. Curiously, there are also protein drinks. The chicken wrap I had had a nice spicy kick.


Crack Shack is coming to Pasadena.


Great news. 2.5 blocks from my office.

There is a white building on the corner of Green St and Arroyo Pkwy. I’ve heard some rumors that the Indiana Colony folks bought up the space and are opening up a food court/mall type place similar to Grand Central Market. I searched online but didn’t see any mentions or articles. My friend at work asked one of the construction guys whats going into the building. Can anybody confirm this?


Yay! I freaking love their fries.


Pizza at Pie Life is still very solid. The crust is a little crunchier than I’d like but a good slice of pizza.


I share your opinion. The fries were great, lobster roll was meh, lobster was masked by the spices and it was wet and difficult to eat.

Also tried the grain bowl and it was not really flavorful and served cold.

All I saw were tourists eating fish and chips. Haven’t tried the steam kettles but after my experience I will probably only get the fries there.


I thought the croissant was quite good. Very buttery. Nice crunch on the outside and still nice layers inside. A smidge dense. My only issue is its a fairly small croissant for $3.95.

Everything in the case looked good. You can tell pretty quickly the gentleman behind the counter is French by his accent and the way they list prices of the pastries. He said on multiple occasions that he was very tired bc he was up very early in the morning baking.


Bone Kettle is open for lunch from 11-2. They started lunch service a few weeks back. It was absolutely packed today. The owner and 2 waiters were bombarded and Wendy table occupied for the hour I was there. They have a few apps, salads, rice bowls and 3 broth options with different proteins. All of the salads, bowls and broth options were in the $13-$16 range.

The broth comes with some pickled carrots, cilantro, red onion, ramen noodles and choice of crispy tempeh, roasted chicken or beef. The broth reminds me of an oxtail soup my mom makes. Great clean beef flavor without that layer of fat in tonkatsu ramen broth. It was a different flavor altogether but wonderfully satisfying. The noodles were fine probably Sun noodles. The roasted chicken was nice. I was expecting dry leftovers but the chicken seemed like it was just pulled off the bird. They have a condiment tray of sambal, vinegar and crispy fried onions. The onions were a great topping and nice crunch in the broth. Very good. This is definitely part of the rotation for old town.


My meals at Bone Kettle have been pretty solid and now that winter has finally arrived, it’s a perfect time for another visit. The service, unfortunately, has not been great.