Pasadena Updates


The service yesterday at lunch was not great to say the least. But there were 2 waiters working the entire restaurant. The owner was helping here and there but they were clearly short staffed.

The broth is so wonderful that I’ll put up with the slow service. The bowls with a poached egg looked very nice at the next table. They have small side bowls of broth for $3 or $4.


Chamo (on Colorado and Mentor) does a very good Venezuelan chicken salad arepa.


finally made it there today. i was especially hungry and tried both the falafel & garlic chicken sandwiches.
end view of the falafel sandwich

side view

interior view of the falafel (made on premises) which was (for me) an unusual shade of green. very tasty.

the garlic chicken is a panini style creation

made with a lot of garlic which made me vampire proof for the rest of the day.

they close at 5pm so yeah, it’s pretty much a lunch only destination.


(wed only) $.99 spam musubi at L&L hawaiian at del mar & arroyo parkway. that also have sauces including teriyaki, katsu & the 3rd i don’t remember.


the spam looks a little pale to me. i would want it crispier and not looking like it was poached. But $0.99 is a deal.


for i know, it was sliced straight out of the can - it didn’t seem fried at all - and it’s the cooking of the fat that makes spam palatable. and there’s no scrambled egg mixed in the rice either. but we seem to agree that $.99 is a pretty good deal.


I’m w/ you. I’d pay another .50 for them to grill that a bit and do it right :slight_smile:


FYI Lost at Sea is no longer doing lunch. I passed by on 3-4 occasions and the place was always empty so not surprised.

Wheat Shop is in its soft opening phase. 10% off right now. Croissants, cookies, cream puffs, coffee and boba. Very clean minimalist interior. Anybody try this place out yet?


Stopped and they were offering free samples. So take this for what it’s worth.

The baked goods - croissant, cookies, tiramisu – were fine, not spectacular. But the real issue I have with their pastries is they all sort of taste the same. Seems like the same base (i.e. chocolate, matcha, hazelnut, etc.) are used across all of their baked goods – from croissant, to cupcakes, to cream puffs etc


Does not sound promising. I don’t generally eat baked goods in Pasadena but I think I’ll probably stick to Euro Pane and Frenchifornia if I do.


Just FYI. Owner sold Euro Pane. Under new ownership, but still same recipes. YMMV.


Hi @ipsedixit,

I read about that as well (about Europane). Is the Egg Salad Sandwich and other offerings still holding up?


I was there a few weeks ago and grabbed some pastries. They were great. Can’t comment about the egg salad.


don’t forget old sasoun (sp?) bakery on allen for armenian goodies.


I, too, grabbed a wide variety of pastries a few weeks ago and felt the quality had dropped. Still, nowhere else to get that yummy blueberry wheel. That has held up. Dunno about the egg salad.


Had the egg salad sandwich a few weeks back and didn’t notice anything different. Copious amount of eggs dressed very lightly on the toasted olive bread. Was good as usual.


you could just hold them under your arm for 30 seconds or so.

or put them on the manifold of your car as you drive up the 14…


the vons on allen is closing in april and becoming a stater bros by fall 2018.



Wow! Aren’t they usually further from LA? Anyway, that will be fun as I’ve never even walked into one, let alone shopped it, it’ll be fun to check out.


Wow. The one on Fair Oaks at Orange Grove (?) closed a year or two ago.

The Vons at Colorado/Sierra Madre Blvd. is about to undergo some sort of renovations.