Popcorn seasoning


I have a slight addiction to popcorn. I make it regularly in my silicon microwave airpopper (I have a hotplate, not a stove, so popping over a burner is a no-go).

Fat: Depending on additional seasonings, I use butter or olive oil.

Seasoning: salt, seasoned salt, truffle salt, nutritional yeast, furikake, and my latest favorite: tantanmen sesame-chile seasoning (acquired from my local ramen-ya).

While I love kettle corn, I don’t think I could successfully make it in the microwave (I don’t keep sugar in my house anyways).

What are your favorite popcorn seasonings? :popcorn:


Nori flakes

In a pestle and mortar, grind the nori seaweed flakes, some toasted sesame seeds, sugar and salt to a fine powder.

Use coconut oil as your fat.


Tajín & lime juice
Ghee, garam masala, & chili powder
Butter & maple syrup
Bacon fat & chopped up bacon/bacon bits


The oil from cooking. That’s it. No salt


This combination sounds incredible! Looking forward to trying this popcorn flavor profile :yum:


Bacon popcorn. Mind blown. I’ll give the butter & maple syrup one a whirl soon. Thanks!


Now I want popcorn…these are all great suggestions.


Chaat masala. It’s worth the trouble to get black salt and amchoor powder. The recipe I use does not include citric acid.

A friend’s mother-in-law said when she was a girl (1930s?) her family would eat bacon-fat popcorn for dinner once a week.


I knew I was born in the wrong decade.


Good taste never goes out of style.


Bacon fat butter is popular now as well.




Tonight I tried popcorn with butter, salt, and bonito flakes. I only thought to add fish sauce after, which I did, but wish I’d skipped the salt. If I had sesame oil on hand, a drizzle would have been nice. Can’t keep my cats out of my popcorn bowl :roll_eyes:


Bonito flakes are cat crack. Mine go nuts over it. :laughing:


We always make buttered popcorn, but i like to add more stuff. Some of our favorites:
Black pepper and parmesan
M&Ms or Reeses Pieces (add them while the popcorn is still hot!)
Bacon Salt (yes, its a thing!)
Cajun seasoning and extra butter


Crystal hot sauce is good on popcorn. It’s good in Pringles too.


Oooh - I love bacon salt! Haven’t thought about that in a while!

I do popcorn popped in oil then salt, or salt and pepper. Parmesan, salt and garlic padder if I’m feeling fancy : )

My mom also made popcorn popped in bacon fat (so good!) and, would mix a handful os raisons into a bowl of salted popcorn. Surprisingly good!


I’m also a bit embarrassed to say this.

But I will save all my potato chip crumbles at the bottom of the bag (I call them “potato chip offal”) and collect them in an empty Pringles can and then sometime use that to season my popcorn.

Assuming I have enough self control to resist just eating my potpourri of potato chip offal straight up.


Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone, but you can put those crumbles on vanilla ice-cream when you’ve run out of popcorn.


Oh my gosh that sounds GOOD!