Popcorn seasoning


I’ve been using duck fat with good results.


This isn’t popcorn seasoning, but I really like this popcorn right now. The coconut oil flavor is pronounced, yet delicate. I add a pinch of maldon salt and a pinch of sugar to the bowl, which brings the flavor out.

From Whole Foods, Playa Vista.


How do you get salt on every piece of popcorn? I had some today pre-made and every piece was individually salted.


Okay, I got it and tried it.

Not perfect but? Fun.

The instructions are to put it into the oil, with the popcorn. And it is so fine, it seems dissolve in the oil so it seasons you popcorn as you pop - no need for extra salt. That’s pretty cool.

Still playing with it to get it just right but as a popcorn thrill, it’s a cheap fun one.

Next up? Getting the cheddar cheese powder from the San Francisco Herb company to sprinkle on my popcorn (I love cheddar popcorn.) Just have to do the math about SF Herb and their minimums and shipping versus amazon : |


If anyone has better options, I’d love to hear about them!


Use ultra-fine (“popcorn”) salt and add it before popping.



Love the tip on how to make your own popcorn salt! Will be doing that soon!


I love that!