Post Your Daily Sandwich


i’m curious about that sandwich…do you order the beef ‘done’ to your
liking, or is it served a certain way?



they’ve never asked me how i want it done, i just order some extra horseradish and it comes out perfectly.


That bread… and is that sauerkraut?


Its horseradish. I wonder if anyone sells it like this.


That is sauercrack.


You order the prime rib butcher and that’s how it comes. So simple but so delicious!


I’m sorry, but they serve it with grated horseradish? That is so rad!

I’m getting one for E., because he won’t spend that much on a sandwich, but he deserves it. :slight_smile:


I guarantee he won’t mind spending the money after having any of the sandwiches at Gjusta. They are just well executed goodness.


The seating is more abundant as well. Great location.


i was unclear. was talking about the doneness of the meat. from pics posted it looks like it may vary from sandwich to sandwich.


It doesn’t really vary all that much, they don’t ask you for how you want it done since it’s coming off a roast. I suppose you could ask for an end slice if you want something more well done


The prime rib butcher is so simple. They take amazing bread, throw on some olive oil and grill it to give it a slight char. The prime rib is sliced thinly, and I believe (not positive) dunked in an au jus to warm it up. So it has the crunchy, slightly charred bread to stand up to the lusciously moist prime rib that nests insides. The whole thing is sprinkled with coarse black pepper and some sort of finishing salt (I think Maldon, but not certain). Microplaned horseradish is either added on top or served on the side. Pure fuckin genius. You get pure, unadulterated horseradish flavor tempered in harshness by simply serving it incredibly thin.

Now I gotta get over to Gjusta. That picture @PorkyBelly posted and now @Hungrydrunk fault.


And please eat it there. I got it to go once, and it was not the same sandwich even after a short ride.


Wait, I think @A5KOBE is asking for more pics (and excuses) to go to Gjusta. :stuck_out_tongue:

October 2016 Weekend Rundown

I just got back from NY and have dozens of bagels and bialys so I think a stop at Gjusta is in order. A smoked fish platter with their amazing condiments sounds great while chugging on a few beers and watching football.

Life would be less enjoyable without Gjusta. :joy::joy::joy:


The anchovy toast has evaded me. I ordered it last time and they omitted it for some reason. Thanks for reminding me to persist next time and specifically order that first.


No photos - we were hungry! - but the falafel sandwich on the baked-to-order lafa from Joe’s Falafel in Studio City. Perfect combination of crunchy falafel, cool and crisp veggies, good amount of hummus, drizzling of their garlicky tahini, and that warm and pillowy lafa.

One of my favorite sandwiches (at least I think of it as a sandwich!) and it does not travel well.



I been a fool for that “sandwich” for years:


Too lazy to drive to Brent’s for a pastrami rueben so got one to go from Uncle Bernies in Encino.

Gotta say, surprised at how good it was. $14.95. Salt bomb but hey, what do you expect.


Hot pastrami with mustard and provolone on Italian roll. You have to stop at Sorrentos to pick it up, then stop and fill your tank at the gas station on the way home, because that way, by the time you get back, it has all melded together to be perfect. (As explained to me by E. when I offered to bring him a sandwich.)