Post Your Daily Sandwich


I do respect Langer’s sticking to their guns and keeping their hours, but man, I’ve had many a disappointing moments on Sundays remembering they’re closed.


OG cheese steak wit’ from Pat’s in Philly


Where are you?






No cherry peppers?


Dried fried peppers, think I’ve only encountered at Pat’s.


Eggplant Parmesan from Victor Jr’s

It is a very large, very sloppy sandwich. And I forgot to say no cheese.

A more manageable portion:

Great tomato sauce (I need to find out what brand of tomatoes they use), good chewy bread that stood up to the gooeyness, and the eggplant slices are thin and creamy, with a light, crispy coating and no bitterness or greasiness.

An excellent vegetarian hangover sandwich.


Got the Tongue at Attari. Soft, tender, and slightly moist just like the way I like my tongue…sandwich

(Went across to Saffron and Rose and had a persimmon scoop and pomegranate scoop)


That’s the move. On a day like today, the ash at Attari is a must.


One of the easiest and best Vestvood bang bangs out there.


“Danks G-d”


Portillo’s Italian Beef! Yes…


I had a moment of weakness


You’re so funny. And couldn’t decide “cheese” or “no cheese,” so you got both? :yum:


The “ipse Special”: Add a hash brown and more tartar sauce to those bad boys.


Oh wait, I see that you DID add a hash brown to the one on the right (or was it a double fish?). In any case, strong work in hacking that sando.


God bless America when you can’t tell the difference between a hash brown and a piece of fish.


Mysterious yet delicious golden fried squares: We has it.


We has it yet cannot seem to stack said golden fried squares properly. :joy: