Post Your Daily Sandwich


Tastee Sub Shop (Franklin Park, NJ): 18" #5 Super Sub


Fear not - Automation is coming. In the near future, your McD delight will be meticulous assembled to within 0.3 microns of corporate spec on all dimensions, courtesy of CyberDyne Systems…


Langer’s pastrami on rye w/ mustard for lunch today (no photo, but you know what it looks like!). Just as good as I remember flavor wise—it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Langer’s. They seem to be making the sandwich smaller (less meat) than I remember. Also got a side of chopped liver—very good, and a potato knish—horrible.


They both had cheese, you just can’t see it in the picture. [quote=“J_L, post:439, topic:3052, full:true”]
Oh wait, I see that you DID add a hash brown to the one on the right (or was it a double fish?). In any case, strong work in hacking that sando.

That is indeed a double filet-o-fish, and not the “10:30 filet-of-fish”. Next time i’ll ask for double cheese double tartar sauce.


And a hash brown.


Hash browns have been available all day long for a while now…


I kinda wanna start a fast food hack, remix, and mashup thread…


No hot peppers?


Those buns are insane / the American Dream.


Minced hot pepper relish


Speaks for itself


Egg Salad sandwich from Euro Pane.


favorite sandwich from this week… taste of childhood


What is it?


honey and butter on crusty french bread… sorry, thought the background made it clear.


Looked like Jam and Cheese in the background to me haha


Prosciutto “torta” from Guerrilla Tacos. I’m not usually a prosciutto guy but this was outstanding. I put the torta part in quotes because you can see it’s really more a breakfast croissantwich. So good!


no one else got the $1 pulled pork sandwich special (earlier today only) from belle belle’s que on cesar chavez @ grand near chinatown?

for those of you who think the ideal pulled pork sandwich should be LONG slow cooked (like overnight - my lunch companion hails from the deep south and that was his first comment) and accompanied by a fresh crunchy slaw and a vinegar mop, this ain’t it, but it was tasty in its own way and can be modified to taste by the sauces they offer on the side: original, honey, mustard, habanero and a fifth which escapes me. i tried the original, mustarrd & habanero sauces before i ran out of sandwich.

i promised to mention that they have free parking in the building; they’re concerned that the belief that parking is a potential hassle is having an impact on their business.


Fromin’s Deli, Santa Monica

After a cold, rainy morning out doing boring shopping (bath rugs and athletic socks), what better way to warm up than a nice, steamy deli?

I always forget about this place, but it’s really great.

Pastrami Rueben and a Chopped Liver on Rye.

Very classic Rueben. They have it down with the toasted buttered rye, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

You can tell the chopped liver is mine, because, yes, I eat a deli sandwich with a knife and fork. :sunglasses: :fork_and_knife:

Sweet and sour cabbage soup, too. Way too sweet, no sour.


that reuben looks great.