Post Your Daily Sandwich


Tuna sandwich (1/4) from Pasadena Sandwich Co. (this is the next day, so the picture again doesn’t do it justice) …good tuna, and ginormous, but in a race, Europane takes it by a full length.


“To-go”: The roast beef sandwich with yuzu kosho dressing & frisee, potato & bacon salad with mustard and chives, macaroni “ham & eggs” salad, and beet & arugula salad with raspberries & goat cheese, from the Tinfoil Liquor sandwich speakeasy (Highland Park)…

Terrific all-around. I just wish there was good seating there so I could devour the food on the spot.


Do they sell birthday cakes?


I brought a cake in, but it needed something to be complete…


I had a business lunch (thus, no pic) at North Italia in Irvine. I had the meatball sandwich.

House-made meatballs on what I think was a focaccia bun, not the typical roll. The meatballs were divine, and worked really well with the bread, which could have been just a little bit sturdier.

It’s extremely messy, and I’m not a huge fan of focaccia, but I think I found my new favorite meatball sandwich. I can’t wait to get back to try some of the other menu items.


Nice sleuthing. I have passed by this place all the time and was curious about it.

Always down for a meatball sandwich. How busy is this place on a weekday lunch?


Pretty busy, but I was able to get a reservation on Open Table a couple of hours before I went.

EDIT: Parking in the entire center has always been a nightmare, moreso now due to the insane amount of new development there. I highly recommend taking advantage of the free valet. It’s well worth the few bucks’ tip.


double double animal style whole grilled onions raw onions extra toast well done fries #murica


we have almost the same InO order, except whole grilled is too hardcore for me. 3x2 is also fantastic.


Best part about well done fries is you get the whole basket, usually because not many order it that way. Yes I notice these things. :joy::pig2:


Banh mi trung at Saigon’s Bakery in San Gabriel. Best pre-hike snack.


Had the #19 at Langer’s for lunch today (you’ve seen enough pics). One of my co-workers got the #44, which was intriguing enough to me that I just might have to try it next time I’m in.

I had them wrap up a pound of pastrami, some bread, and all the other fixin’s for my lovely bride.


Portillo’s Italian Beef…Nice


Not sure if it’s on the menu full time yet or just this week, but the House Smoked Summer Cubano at Mendocino Farms is ridiculously delicious. Smokey, porky, fatty, and spicy. Nice to see Mendo putting their smokehouse to good use.

Seriously Delicious Sandwich Alert - Mendocino Farms "Chef's Pick" - House Smoked Summer Cubano

Just had this “Cubano” for dinner and I concur - great sandwich. Just a heads-up - it has a lot of pickled jalapeños. If spicy food is an issue, it may be something to consider. But I think this element is crucial to the sandwich’s success. The sour acidity balances the sandwich.

Mendocino Farms in MdR also has a nice green bean salad right now. Super fresh FM green beans, walnuts, celery and goat cheese (no visible goat cheese - I think it’s blended into the dressing).


I had this monster torta at Los Kuinitos 2. I believe it was called La Chingona. The lettuce and tomato make it healthy.


Harlowe’s French dip. Some pros/cons vs Philippes. I liked that the bread was toasted and that the au jus was served on the side so I could moderate the amount of juice. I missed the hot mustard even though the horseradish sauce was potent. A little light on the meat. $9 for a 4.5oz portion of meat, $2 extra for the 6oz portion. Nice dill pickle on the side. I’d come back but with another person to split sides.

Bread and butter pickles. I love these suckers.

Fried onion strings with bbq sauce. The top 3/4 of the basket was very good. Light, nice fry, not greasy and good flavor.

The bottom 1/4 of the basket was pretty much inedible. Very greasy. Like two totally different baskets of fried onions. I found out the reason why. Look closely - there was literally a pool of oil collected at the bottom. Not great.


Red Chilaquiles Torta at Guerrilla Tacos:


Prosciutto de Parma from Cortina’s

So that is what Ham should taste like huh



the order number gods smiled down upon me


St. Jude (turkey / salami / mozz / caper mayo)