Post Your Daily Sandwich


Langer’s twice in a month!


That’s a good month!


LOL! Their pork roll does lean towards the mildly seasoned almost like a veal wurst. It’s a good balance with all the other ingredients.


Two recent sandwiches to report. First up is the fried chicken sandwich at Lunetta All Day. This looked great but tasted merely okay. The chicken itself was well fried with nice seasoning on the crust. But the flavor was completely overwhelmed by the sauces and veggies on the sandwich. Also, the meat was all white and thus a little dry.

The fries were a bit of a turnoff tbh. They were freshly cut and thus not as crisp as I would have liked. Also, there was a faint fishy smell, as if the oil was rancid or had been used to fry seafood right before. The smell lingered on my fingers even after lunch, which was kind of gross.

The space itself is gorgeous. Bright and airy. They did a great job on the renovation. My friend enjoyed his chicken salad more than I did my sandwich, so I’ll probably give that a try if I go there again.

I also recently tried the doner kebab from Berlins on 3rd. I’m a huge fan of Berlin-style doner kebab and this definitely scratched the itch. They had marinated cabbage and sauces (I got the original yogurt and the spicy) as well as actual pide bread. The meat itself was fine but did not seem freshly cut.

I’d probably go to Berlin’s more often if it were located better. That part of town is becoming undriveable with all the construction and traffic. And while they have a parking lot, it’s really cramped.


That is too bad about your chicken sandwich. Even more so about your French fries. I hope you mentioned something to the wait staff or the manager. We have been there for dinner twice now and have a really enjoyed our meals. The food and service have been great.

I get a strong sense that they want to do their customers right. Maybe it’s because they’re still sort of new, but we were asked so many times by so many staff members, “how is everything/your dish?” They probably want to hear if anything is wrong.


You know, I didn’t. The fries were the only thing about the meal that was so bad it merited a complaint, and I didn’t put together what had happened until I smelled the odor on my fingers in the car. But now that you mention it, maybe I’ll write them an email with a friendly heads up.


aroma cafe veggie sandwich


Banh mi from Little Shop of Mary in Torrance.

Slow roasted pork banh mi with pickled red onions and roasted jalapeño garlic aioli:

BBQ chicken banh mi with mayo, cilantro, pickled daikon and carrots:


A Cut Above on Santa Monica in SaMo is meat market offering premium meats and related products, as well as a pretty decent kitchen menu. I picked up a few sandwiches on Friday.

Salumi Italian is loaded with various Italian coldcuts, giardiera, aioli and Dijon mustard on a crusty baguette. Tasty sandwich on the spicy side. If you have aproblem with crusty baguettes as sandwich bread, this one will hurt you.

Harissa lamb pita. You get two folded pitas with lettuce, tomatos, red onion, cucs and a nice portion of sliced lamb x 2. The tzatziki was a perfect condiment and the pita was surprisingly unleathery and supple. It is a cold sandwich - next time, I’m asking if they can warm the lamb.

I also got a Cubano - loaded on rye and grilled, and a kale salad with chicken very bright lemony dressing.


I have had that dual lamb “sandwich” a few times - it was always warm (and delicious). It is quite a bargain for the amount of food - it’s a sandwich that can easily fill two. Don’t know why yours was cold. Maybe weekends vs weekdays? I’ve only had it on weekdays.


We got it to go. I can see where the lettuce would wilt if the lamb was hot enough - I can think of no other reason other than the kitchen either blanking on warming the sliced lamb, or just rushing out the food - they were behind on orders and the counter was busy (waited over 30 minutes for our relatively simple order).


Hangover food fromTommy’s, Culver City. Bacon and egg sandwiches on toasted hamburger buns, because we don’t have rolls here.


Big Tomy’s?


You know, I’ve never learned their real name. It’s the one on Sepulveda near Jefferson, next to Biig Lou’s comic store. We just call it Tommy’s.


It’s like trying to keep track of all the Ray’s Pizza places in New York lol.


Got it. It is Big Tomy’s, For a brief second, I thought maybe I missed a Tommy’s opening on the Westside. RIP the location on Pico and Lincoln.


Have you tried Sawtelle and Pico? Under the freeway. My friends swear by the chili fries,


We actually go to that one much more than the one on Sepulveda since the Sawtelle one is open 24 hours. When we first moved back to LA, we had a place near Sawtelle and Olympic. It was way too easy to stop at that location for chili fries. Overall they are not quite the same as Original Tommy’s but they are pretty good in their own way and scratch the itch very well.

Their carne asada breakfast burrito is also a guilty pleasure of mine. I like how their no heat tomato sauce like salsa mixes with the ingredients along with a bite of yellow pepper. All washed down with hot coffee. It’s not gourmet, it won’t make any list of best breakfast burritos, but dang is it satisfying to me.


Sorry, but the food at that location is nasty.