potato and leek soup

normandy butter

it really is butter

foie gras torchon toast, apricot, yuzu, sesame
they’ve really perfected the texture of the toast so that it’s soft enough to bite through but still has a nice crunch. love the shiso to cut through the richness.

summer corn agnolotti, brown butter, sage, fat uncle farms almonds
these were so plump and delicious, like a xlb but filled with a sweet and creamy corn soup.

mafaldine, maine lobster
If you missed out on the lobster spaghetti at felix (@Chowseeker1999, @pomsmoms, @bookwich, @thecookie, @haeldaur), this is the next best thing. Great chewy texture from the pasta with sweet, tender, chunks of claw meat. Highlight of the night.

peach sorbet

tasting menu

eggs on toast, foie gras torchon, potato and leek beignets, channel island rock fish tartare

kaviari krystal caviar, cauliflower panna cotta, smoked channel islands black cod

fat bastard

kanpachi crudo, green thai curry, fuyu persimmons, basil, peanuts

autumn caprese, hachiya and fuyu persimmons, gioia burrata, balsamic

octopus, arnett farms oro blanco, cara cara oranges, cabbage, pistachios, chile, lime

mushroom, black truffle soup

butternut squash agnolotti, brown butter, almonds, sage

spinach cavatelli, porcini, black trumpet and chanterelle mushrooms

black bucatini, sardines, octopus, meyer lemon, calabrian chiles

mediterranean rouget, thao farms cauliflower, red flame grapes, santa barbara pistachios, meyer lemon, olive oil

**prime beef filet, mushroom bordelaise, roasted root vegetables, dijon mustard*8

cassoulet, duck confit, pork belly sausage, morcilla, white beans


berries, toasted meringue


normandy butter
One of my favorite colors is butter

margarita’s baguette, normandy butter

sweet potato beignets - medjool dates, singapore curry, yogurt, lime

eggs on toast - soft scrabbled eggs, santa barbara uni
What came first the uni or the egg? doesn’t matter i ate them both

spaghetti - maine lobster, santa barbara uni

agnolotti - english peas, pancetta, mint, parmesan

sonoma duck leg confit - sweet potato, baby beets, hazelnuts, berbere-maple gastrique

cheesecake - harry’s berries, strawberry sorbet
The menu had me at “harry’s”. Tasted as good as it looks.

pan drippings

eggs on eggs


kanpachi crudo


santa barbara spot prawns

moules frites

chicken liver

foie gras, fig


long live the kouign

shakshouka, soft farm eggs, stewed tomatoes, peppers, black kale, chickpeas, zatar, yogurt, baguette

canele de bordeaux

kimchi fried rice, beef short ribs, soft farm eggs, sesame seed, scallions

banana nutella crostata

creme brulee bombolini

breakfast sandwich, fried egg, pork belly sausage, mayonnaise, american cheese

pork adobo fried rice, pork belly & shoulder, scallions, pickled fresnos, fried egg


Did you really have to create another post?



@PorkyBelly Is the “tasting menu” something they actually offer or did they portion out various dishes for you and [your] other guests?


That first lobster pasta is a delight…the sauce reminds me of a reduced lobster bisque.
I just had carb-heavy lunch a couple of hours ago, and now I’m hungry, again. Great photos, @PorkyBelly! I need to come in for brunch/breakfast…I need eggs on eggs in my life.


Good idea. It would be nice to see all the others and this together. Gives different perspectives. Can’t see a reason not to.




I’ve no idea what that means in this context. Explain?


Nice report @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: I love their Malfadine, thanks for the tip though. :slight_smile:

Also, how were the Pan Drippings? We’ve seen this on the menu since the first visit, but it always sounds too heavy to order. :sweat_smile:


At least he didn’t delete it post haste. :wink::grin::wink:


Porkympressions seem to be lacking.


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The pan drippings are pretty good. I like to alternate between that and the delicious butter…it allows me to enjoy more of the delightful bread. They mix together all the pan drippings from all of their roasted meats…you get a lot of beef, wine, and herbs.


It’s offered but you need to let them know in advance. Tell them your preferences and price range and they’ll create a tasting menu for you.

But if I had to do it again I would just order alc and get exactly what I want. Almost all the items we got were on the regular menu anyway.


thanks @attran99. those eggs on eggs are delicious, but they’re only served at dinner.


Damn…I need to make 2 different trips. I’d love to take a shot at the pastry counter for breakfast/brunch, too.


pastry counter is still going strong @ lunch if you get there later on a weekday. We had a work dept. lunch there last week and all items in the pastry case looked amazing. but I had to force myself to look away and focus on a savory lunch.

I got the pork Bahn mi—I would say this was a tasty Bahn mi-ish sandwich. nice smokey flavor on the pork (different technique than a traditional roast pork Bahn mi) with some tart slaw on the side. leaner and less fatty/crunchy than the pork belly Bahn mi @ Mendocino farms (I think I prefer the MF version for the slaw marinade and I do like a bit more fattiness w/ my pork). Nice wine by the glass. My co-workers selections looked delicious as well (the chicken salad sandwich and pasta bolognese). I was surprised by how busy it was for lunch mid-week.




Make sure you grab a slice each of the key lime pie. Sharing would not be wise. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hot damn! That’s the husband’s favorite kind of pie. Thanks, @A5KOBE!


In that case, may need to grab a slice to take home as well as a slice each to eat there.

Warning: they rotate pie flavors and often sell out early. Not sure you can guarantee key lime pie on your visit. I had a berry tres leches one time, it was amazing but never saw it again.