Rossoblu DTLA


Wtf, they tried pulling that move on you too? I guess it’s more than just a “computer glitch.” What was their excuse? Did they end up honoring the menu price?

I agree with you on the sorbetto, really good.

And welcome to FTC.


You mean he didn’t know that you were the @Chowseeker1999??



Yah right! :sweat_smile: You give me too much credit. The only time we’ve ever stood out was at CUT because I think we had the only car not over $100,000. :cry: :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I had it removed from the bill entirely as I don’t make it a habit to pay for inedible dishes I’m served, but interestingly they still charge you tax + tip (service charge) on the full amount.

Still seems really shady to list one menu price and then try and charge you a different price without notification at all. As that turns out to be standard practice, and not merely a fluke, it worries me about ever returning for more than gelato/sorbetto. Not the kind of place one feels comfortable ordering extensively.

Thanks for the welcome!


Any recent reports?


I had a quick bite there last night. Ordered half an order of salumi, the tagliatelle, and one spot prawn.

Salumi was decent, really liked the puffed crackers.

Tagliatelle was a bit mushy and the sauce was so so.

Spot prawn good, but nothing to write home about.

$80 bill with a glass of wine. I left full and satisfied, but not anxious to return.


Sounds like they have some execution problems.

Cooked properly al dente, fresh pasta made with regular flour and eggs has great texture. It’ll never be as chewy as pasta made with semolina flour, but if it’s soft and flabby, that’s because it was overcooked.

It’s $48 on the menu on the web site.


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Nice pork porn.


It seems the general consensus so far is inconsistency, and that’s probably the best word to describe my own dinner here as well. I know they’re still very new, but I was hoping for better given the team’s pedigree and ambition. Our primary server was very friendly and willing to ask someone else if he didn’t know something, but service as a whole was pretty off.

Throughout the meal runners would bring us dishes that we didn’t order - I think there were 4 or 5 non-ordered dishes in total. They switched plates/utensils between our appetizers and pasta, which I really appreciate, but then they did it again after our main courses arrived. So we sat and stared at the main courses while one runner first brought plates, then another runner brought silverware. I suppose the first warning sign was our primary server introducing the menu as “Southern Italian,” perhaps conflating the chef’s restaurants. I know I’m picking nits on that one, but I just feel like a place that boasts of its regional influences should train the staff better.

Onto the food - we sampled quite a bit of the menu with an appetizer, four pastas, both a fish and pork main course, and a few desserts. There were a couple standouts for us, but again problems with consistency. Agree that the pasta was on the flabby side in general.

Valbruna’s Eggplant - this was described as the chef’s grandma’s old recipe, and it was delicious if a small portion for $14. Remarkably simple dish with a deeply tomato-y sugo to add to the eggplant. Unfortunately there were only 4 thin sheets of eggplant, could’ve used a little more.

Tagliolini - reading this thread today made me very sad as I realized our dish didn’t even include the English peas! Despite that, I still enjoyed the dish as it wasn’t overly salty like some of the other dishes, and there was still a bright tomato flavor to the dish.

Minestra nel sacco - everyone’s favorite dish of the night. Wonderfully parmigiano-y dumplings dumped into a savory, meaty broth. It’s probably the ugliest dish the restaurant makes but definitely one of the most flavorful. It was just on the right side of being too salty.

Maltagliati (no pic) - another favorite. The wider, thicker noodle provided more chew than the other noodles we got, and it went really well with the buttery mushroom and sage sauce.

Tagliatelle bolognese (no pic) - this was just odd. Ours came out with much less meat and sauce than @Chowseeker1999’s, but it was still really salty. Our server described it as “thick and meaty” … yeah no.

Rainbow trout & Braised pork shoulder main courses - the trout was wonderfully crisp but badly oversalted. It’s too bad because I love rainbow trout, and the delicate flesh was overwhelmed by the salt. The pork shoulder was bland by comparison, but at that point I didn’t mind. It was a solid flavor combination although our pieces of pork were dry.

Torta riso, nectarine mascarpone gelato, fior de latte w/ balsamic gelato - All the desserts were solid, and I was especially impressed with the flavors of the gelato. The best was prob the nectarine/mascarpone gelato, a lot of both flavors without one overpowering the other. The torta riso really tasted of rice as well, and not every rice pudding does!

Wrapping up, I’m happy I tried the restaurant, and it’s a cool space with easy parking for now. They’ve got a ways to go in terms of execution, but I worry some stuff like the pasta texture and certain salty dishes may just be the way they want to do it.


Headed out here tomorrow, anyone have an updated experience? Sounds like the minestra nel sacco and salumi platters are the go-to’s. tempted to try some of their homemade sausages since the salumi seems to do well.


Please report back - think we’re here this weekend (well, Sunday, after DineLA ends).


yikes. we’ve got a big reservation here next month and this is concerning


What is the concern? Rossoblu is excellent.


They have very nice plates.


The reviews in here are hardly convincing. And having just spent some time devouring everything we could find around Modena/Bologna I’m not very enthusiastic about it. It’s quite easy for me to look at what chi spacca has on offer and see that it’s going to be amazing for me… this place, not so much… i can make silky noodle and average bolognese at home.


To be sure, Rossoblu is not as excellent as eating in Emilia-R. If that’s the standard you will be disappointed and should go elsewhere. Though, sadly, eating at Chi is also not the same as eating in Chianti :wink:


so go to Chi Spacca?


Chi Spacca and Rossoblu don’t really even serve the same kind of cuisine, so I would not compare them directly. That said I would rather go to Chi Spacca if your group is willing to focus on meat and spend a bit more.


We’ve been to chi spacca 3 times. I just brought it up as an example of a place that I can easily tell in advance will be fantastic, this on the other hand doesn’t give me that feeling. I understand the difference in cuisines.