The American Style BBQ thread


anyone have a good recommendation for a thermometer for the smoker? i don’t want to have to drill into my smoker though. So, i guess a portable one?
i have the Maverick ET-732, but i’m really not liking it.Especially when it comes to cleaning the probes because most of it is not waterpoof (except the probes)

anyone have any other suggestions?



Just look upthread (you can do a keyword search) for a couple of suggestions.


thanks, i guess i missed that Thermoworks Smoke . Its pretty expensive though but might be worth it.


Yeah I love it. No arguments here. Bought it on sale during Black Friday IIRC


The Maverick setup that I have goes for, about $60, I think. It’s worked great for me for years.


i have the Maverick but the probes (bbq and meat) aren’t water resistant or water proof and when washing or cleaning the probes and wire, it becomes a hassle. (i know, lazy). and i risk having them not work.

so yeah, thats why i was asking if there was a waterproof one out there. The Thermoworks Smoke has water resistant probes so that seems like the best way to go.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I have not had those issues with my Maverick, but it does take a little extra effort. Maybe I’m just a little less lazy than you are. :grin:


I don’t remember what brand we have as we haven’t used our smoker in quite a while. But I don’t clean the probes :slight_smile: Don’t on my Thermapen either :slight_smile:


I like the Lavatools Javelin PRO


Old Man Party in Jtree. Brined. Five and a half hours on citrus and scrub oak. Mopped with beer, vinegar, chile, honey, and hot sauce. Wired up and crucified for our sins. Not much photos of the final result.

It all happened so fast and all I had on was a jackrabbit pelt and a chef’s toque.

Is it bbq or grilling? Don’t know. American? Fuck yeah.


Nice hardware.


I can’t believe you’re grilling in Joshua Tree in July. Seriously hardcore, dude. :metal:


my brisket virginity from some time last year, whole wagyu packer was a gift from a friend, figured WHY NOT to pop my cherry

wouldnt fit on any of my cutting boards

daniel boone gmg pellet grill

didn’t quite get the render i was hoping for but it was good enough

drown the sorrows before you can remember the beef


What did you do to the watermelon? That looks so cool.


watermelon halved, scooped, blended, add gelatin, add vodka, rest in fridge, slice, eat, repeat


Thanks. That is my Labor Day block party contribution. Star quality stuff.


funny enough…


Well that didn’t show up how I wanted it to

It's #NationalWatermelonDay. Learn the deadly history of one of the most sought-after fruits, The Bradford #Watermelon. Swipe to watch the entire clip #mindofachef

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That is so funny! Who knew watermelon was so slutty? Mongrel bastards, oh my… :watermelon::watermelon::watermelon:


I am so making that. For my housewarming party.