The Bang Bang Thread


well, yes, its smarter to keep quiet about such things, especially around feds and the local constabulary.
never claimed to be smart, though. in my defense, maybe brag is too strong a word. more like storytelling.

as far as tales of drug use 'round the board, theyre few and far between in my experience. and while i respect your opinion on this matter, i politely disagree with it.


How would you know whether it’s medicinal? You think someone is going to post a copy of their prescription on an anonymous forum?

It seems like the moderators are interested in letting this thread turn into a real fun time full of personal insults that are not only meaningless, and idiotic, but have nothing to do with food.

The irony of people contributing literally nothing except random half-assed insults based on the anonymous posts on a food forum, but criticizing other people’s contributions is almost too much to handle. If the moderators of a food forum should do anything, they should ban accounts from such non-contributors. It would make the place infinitely better.

But let’s run with it.

In a perpetually wonderful weekend following a double-header concert of deep-relaxation philosophical-aesthetic participation-based aleatoric chant music at Coaxial Arts, and a night of cheap liquor in a loft for the heady and raucous Noise Music 6th Anniversary Celebration at the Handbag Factory in DTLA several dinners were in order. Ideally, you might finish such a night off with something like Korean BBQ, but sadly all of the spots claiming to be open until 2 AM seem to close closer to 1 AM… ah well… this is what stalwart standby options are for after all!

Dang Sung Sa

Last Call Sapporo on Draft just to get one last bit of the illicit substance in; given the night, this might’ve actually been fairly hydrating.

Cucumbers and Radish with Blue Cheese provided by the house. So nice of them to consider their patron’s health :wink:

Fried Soondae because blood after noise = A+.

Rice Bar because the waitress talks drunken you into ordering it. Pseudo-uni sushi?? Tastes strangely good, though.

Kimchi Pancake because you fucking have to; alcohol absorption commence.

And the real reason you come: Fucking Fire Chicken. The waitress always warns you, attempting to dissuade you from ordering something so impossibly spicy. But it’s not that hot, and they grilled the chicken perfectly tonight; tender, juicy, charred, and hot; gotta get that fire breath baby!

DSS did the best they could with the last few minutes of service, but Ruen Pair was calling.

Thai Tea because alcohol had become “an illegal drug” at this point in time.

Sticky Rice because it’s impossible to say no to the waitress, you have to have SOME kind of rice, and sticky is just better.

Salty Turnip and Egg Frittata the best fucking dish in the city between the hours of 2 and 5 AM; still pretty epic even during the other hours though :wink:

Spicy Raw Shrimp Salad; Thai Spicy whewwwwww they brought the mother fuckin ruckus! This shit will wake you up quicker than blow!

BBQ Duck Noodles because duck was desired, and some kind of soup; should’ve gotten something spicer, though.

Beef Jerky because eating fried meat and spicy sauce at 3 AM is one of the sexiest feelings available to human beings.

Mission Accomplished.


The fucking condiments are right behind your shot of the BBQ Duck Noodles – just MAKE it as spicy as you can handle.


None of the condiments fit.

I used the entire jar of serranos and vinegar on the salty egg and turnip, which was, of course, amazing.

I don’t get the feeling that the duck is SUPPOSED to be spicy. Idk how to describe it outside of that, but the various condiments did not compliment it’s flavor profile well, especially not the sugar.


I don’t think spicy is the intended result of thai bbq duck soup. from every place I’ve gotten duck noodle soup it’s usually a bit on the sweet side, balanced out by some heat but not soul crushing levels IMO.


I agree that the sugar would be a misstep, but the ground smokey red fire pepper works fine for me in BBQ Duck noodles.



I believe you are correct.

Just not to my personal preferences of taste I suppose.

It’s cool. I had those shrimp :smiley:


Idk I tried some in my little bowl, did not taste “right” to me I guess just different preferences.

Maybe I just don’t love Thai duck preps.

It’s not as if I sent the dish back or anything though.

Sorry if I offended you by eating your favorite dish incorrectly or by not enjoying it.


The level of sniping in this thread is hilarious and actually making me laugh :grin:. I hope the mods don’t tank this thread!:skull_crossbones:


If they’re not going to, despite talking a game about removing personal attacks, then it will definitely get a whole lot more “fun” real soon :wink:


I actually kind of like this drama. Wildly amusing. Where’s fucking Kevin when we need him to chuck a couple fucks around?!

But I think mods should just let it go; lets not turn this into chowhound now…so can we keep upping the stakes until we prove Godwin’s Law?? Thats when I say lock the thread.


Hit some hardcore bang bang this weekend

Met up with my brother hit up Aburiya Raku… Sashimi Combo

Then headed over to Osteria Mozza to get Burrata Puglia…got a nice rye old fashioned with it

Hit Felix next day…got the Diavola and Spaghetti alla Puttanesca


hahahah :slight_smile:

We definitely ordered more, those were just some selects that I got pictures of!!!


Downtown Glendale Bang Bang game is strong

Eggslut - Shake Shack

Fairfax add turkey sausage, 3 people in line, ran out of biscuits though :frowning:

Fries and concretes


Not to mention Din Tai Fung and Tsujita ramen across the street as well.


Chicago Lunch Bang Bang

Au Cheval’s fried bologna sandwich (after having their otherworldly amazing bacon cheeseburger two days prior)

Then headed across the street for the best Italian sub I’ve had and one of my favorite lunch spots in Chicago, JP Graziano




black snapper






chu toro

jack mackerel

king mackerel



truffle ice cream
Thanks @Chowseeker1999 for the rec, this was delicous, i just wish it was creamier, the texture was kind of crumbly.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Wow, nice bang bang! :slight_smile: Glad you liked the truffle ice cream… it’s worth the price of admission alone I think. :wink: Interesting on the crumbly texture… for our batch we got it wasn’t super creamy, but it wasn’t crumbly. I hope it was just a fluke on texture. Thanks.


#Little Tart
h/t to @ipsedixit for recommending this place.

fish sandwich - beer battered white fish with american cheese and dill pickles served on a steamed bun with homemade tartar sauce
They should rename this thing the “school of fish sandwich” or the “filet-o-school-o-fish™”, this thing was massive. It had at least 2 or 3 perfectly fried, flaky filets of fish, delicious tartar sauce, crisp pickles, and enough glorious processed yellow American cheese to cover the whole thing. If you’re in the FoF fan club, paging @JeetKuneBao, @Chowseeker1999, @J_L, @Mattapoisett_in_LA, @js76wisco, @OCSteve, @Ns1, @Sgee, (am i missing anybody) you need to try this.

sweet potato crack fries
This were really good but could have done without the drizzle of honey on top.

#Here’s looking at you
Came here to try the tomatoes and bar pie but unfortunately their pastry chef left and Friday was her last night.

momotaro tomato - bagna cauda, lap xuong, creme fraiche, fines herbes
Everything tasted fine, unfortunately the tomato itself wasn’t quite there in terms of flavor.

Yuzu Tart - white chocolate, burnt meringue
The texture of the filling was way off this time, I’m chalking it up to them losing their pastry chef.


the shade of yellow on that cheese is straight up terrifying.