The Bang Bang Thread


Holy Howlin’ Ray Style Line.


< 15 min wait on Tuesday (or was it Monday?). I think weekday lunch or nights are the way to go for this place.


Grinder sandwhich at gwen is GOAT


Do any of the sandwiches there hold well? If I was looking to eat one at say noon and the other one at 9p?

this sandwich menu looks amazing

grinder or meatball…


And to think, my friend was wondering if Uovo would make it in SanMo with no salads on the menu lol.

FYI, there was no wait when we arrived at 6:30 pm on a Tuesday night.


@ns1 i usually eat right there and then so I can’t say for sure…but I’d say they would hold just as well as any normal sandwich.

I’ve had the grinder and the meatball…keep going back to the grinder.
My buddy had the steak yesterday, looked great but smaller portion.


How is the meatball? Is it worth getting or is the grinder heads and shoulders better?


Meatball is great don’t get me wrong, i’d try the grinder first IMO… or just get both and bang bang at the same place :smiley:

Grinder is just a more complex sandwich…meatball is just…meatball


I’ve had the grinder twice but I guess I will at least have to try the meatball at some point.


Better than the Italian at Gjusta?


not imo.

It is really good though especially the roll. I thought the cured meat flavor got lost a bit with the flavor the the spread, bread and ham…


OK i just had a meatball AND a grinder (2nd day in a row).

The meatball might be better, i take it back. so good.


How long I have been living in the dark… but no more! I’ve been again since this exchange, and it was just as enjoyable. Love this spot.

Also, looks like some of the picture from your CH review are on the actual Morinoya website. Very cool.


Side Chick


Chicken: Tie
Rice: Side Chick
Sauce: Savoy

And Uncle Tetsu

Light, soft, not overly sweet, like a cloud of cheesecake from heaven.

Wanted to continue to Dong Nguyen, Green Zone, Tasty Food, and Cocoin but was stuffed.


How was the line?


At $11.99 for 5 ribs, I nominate these ribs for “legendary” status. Their teriyaki sauce is great too.

But that potato mac…seriously wtf?


Forgot about this thread.

No line at Tetsu. Plus they got a handful of seasonal cheesecakes


Furaibo > Tsujita Original > Papa Beard Cream Puff

Has anyone ever gone to Sawtelle and eaten at just one restaurant?

Side-note: is Hanpen Cheese the Japanese cousin of the McD’s Filet-O-Fish?



Hanpen Cheese FTW!


You can do that? Mind. Blown.