The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City


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So, surprised by @President_Mochi’s post in May 2017 Weekend Rundown about there being a 101 Noodle Express (straight outta the 626) in the Fox Hills Mall, I immediately headed over to check it out.

I liked the beef rolls, I asked for light sauce, so somehow ended up with no hoisin whatsoever, but the roll is pretty good. I like the thin crisp pancake, the beef was surprising tender (very surprisingly, considering it’s mall food), and the cilantro was fresh.

The soup dumplings were good too, nice, thin skin and decently juicy. I also got the minced chicken served on noodles, which was nicely flavored, but unfortunately, the good quality nooodles were cooked way too soft.

However… their menu is severely limited.

That is it. No dan dan noodles and no versions of pork ragu at all. No fish dumplings, no pork and chive or pork with sour vegetables dumplings, definitely no lamb anything. I was so disappointed. Oh well.

On a brighter note, this is available for the taking:



I think the pan fried dumplings start life as “regular” dumplings (that can be boiled). I was able to get the cook once to make them for me as boiled dumplings.


All pan-fried dumplings start off life that way.

It’s like that Robert Frost poem … some choose the road less taken. Others have it chosen for them.


All their dumplings are frozen, but cooked to order so they aren’t bad, just a bit generic in flavor.

They also give you a lot, I’m in that food court constantly, but rarely order from them because I want more for my lunch than just a container of dumplings or one huge beef roll. More than anything lately, I’ve been going to Sabo across the food court. The food there also a bit generic, but quick and tasty. They have soupless Tan Tan Mein that is really good.


Good to know. I’m in that mall almost never, but my last 101 visit was so sub-par that I would want to try something else during my next visit…


It’s a mall. It’s Culver City. And they have chicken rolls. So I’m happy.


I, too, was surprised by the tenderness of the beef. Otis Redding levels of tenderness. I’m looking forward to trying the chicken one next per @chandavkl.

And that relish (?) is stellar. What is it?


It tastes likes pickled mustard greens with something incredibly spicy, green chilis maybe? I like it.

Also, as mentioned, the beef rolls are indeed huge. Six pieces, each the size a mini burrito. I wrapped each piece separately and put it on the sandwich platter in the fridge, the boy ate one after school, then packed one for his lunch today, cutie.

(I keep a platter in the fridge with sandwiches, burritos, rice balls, whatever, for the boy and his friends to snack on. Teenage boys eat a lot!)


Which item is this?

I had a little trouble with the menu because it’s all in English, and I’ve gotten so used to the Chinese names used by everyone on this site, that I wasn’t sure what the dishes were. Very generic descriptions.


The Minced Meat Cold Ramen with Tan Tan Sauce.

I have also enjoyed the curry and hamburg steak. Again, they make things super fast and package nicely for take out. So it’s a good lunch option.



You aren’t referring to the Fox Hills Mall location, are you?





Oh! I thought we were talking about 101 Noodle Express. I’ll give it a try, thanks!


Yeah! Sorry!! I just stated in my post somewhere else I go for Asian food in the mall. Sabo is located STRAIGHT across from the food court. You can even do a dumpling Bang Bang from both places. The Dumplings at Sabo are actually tasty as well.



PSA: Sadly, this location no longer serves the beef/chicken rolls. Dark times.


And sadly my only reason to eat at that mall is gone.


Is it worth going to now? We were going to be right by the mall this weekend and I was just telling my DH that I wanted to go check it out. But, one of the main reasons was the beef roll, because I’ve never had 101’s version! Should we just skip it now?


Don’t mean to speak for @President_Mochi but I personally would skip it.



@boogiebaby: if you’re not far from Sawtelle, Tasty Noodle House has pretty good Chinese food and an extensive menu. Not sure if they beef rolls, though (or that I order them there, if they did).