The rib eye arrived properly tender, properly juicy, with plenty of flavor and an assertively spiced crust. The potatoes worked as a natural pairing, while arugula gave us a zestiness that lifted the dish


But appropriate given the source quoted. And if you don’t know @CiaoBob, I hope you get to do so. Not only does he cover a lot of quality ground, he also has a great sense of humor!


Homage to one @kevin


It gave me head ache. But i m hungry,.


Awwwwwww schucks!


I’m not worthy!!:pray::pray: I’m not worthy!!:pray::pray:


I tried to read this but there were just too many little “figures of speech,” overwrought words etc. But then I have to remind myself that he’s not a professional at this.

Oh, and probably not necessary to mention that potato was a natural pairing and that arugula gave it zest.


His writing is truly atrocious (for some of the reasons you have pointed out) – and I take every opportunity to make fun of it --but I do think kevineats blog is indeed a great treasure.

The images, the bio’s of places/chefs, the beer (and other booze) compendia, and the travelogue of where he goes, all make it well worth the price (reading his awful prose) of admission.

And I know my friend @kevin will want me to re-iterate that they are not one-and-the-same. And that ain’t no fucking joke.


To be fair to the guy, what else is he supposed to do given the format? Normal reviewers have the luxury of penning abstract essays and relying on slideshows of various dishes from photoshoots.

In the blog format where every dish is documented and commented on, what is someone to do when they encounter a basic dish? Just leave it blank? You could say yes, but that goes entirely against the format.


Oh come on.
I am sure - if it existed - aestheteeats would have absolutely no problem writing something that is in harmony with “the format” without resorting to the kind of inane, blabbering kevineats employs.


And why not “perfectly tender, properly juicy” or the reverse? I went back to the review and could have in two paragraphs probably picked out a dozen unnecessary words and phrases. Far better than Yelp but not nearly as good as some things I read here. IMneverHO of course.


Brevity is the soul of wit.
OTOH, kevineats is patron saint of logorrhea.


Hmm…maybe I should start a blog!


back in the older days of Chowhound, almost everyone on CH had a blog. (Exilekiss had some of the best coverage) Everyone would link to their blogs, nowadays most of the bloggers now freelance and write pieces here and there for LA weekly, LA times, etc. I guess most of them finally made some type of career in the food industry… It’s interesting to see how CH and now FTC has evolved and changed over the years.

(l was a long time lurker on CH and i post a little here on FTC)


This whole thread is a big fat meh.

Kevin is a fellow food enthusiast who blogs about something he’s passionate about. He doesn’t make a penny from his blog that I know of, and many, including many on this forum have benefited from his blog. It takes a lot of effort, energy, time, and money to do what he’s doing. I don’t think he ever claimed to be a pulitzer prize winning writer or anything of sort, so not sure why all the hate towards his writing.

To start a new thread just to poke fun of a food blogger because his writing isn’t up to your standards is pretty childish and lame imho. I don’t think that’s what this forum is about, but what do I know…



Not really true, Kevineats (not our Kevin) has been well-documented having been comped multiple meals or freebies thrown in. He does cash in on that celebrity status. He’s invited to pre-opening events, or gets special meals / dishes thrown in.


clear difference between cashing a check and getting meals comped. If you don’t think so, then I don’t know what to tell you. Anyways, that’s besides the point.


I think there’s truth in both of your takes @tailbacku and @Chowseeker1999.

I’ve already stated my opinion, and I just call it as I see it. His writing is really stiff in feel to me, like a stick working its way through an ice flow.

And no, I’m not an avid follower so I don’t benefit from his blog - he tends to be a baller and I’m not. Props to him for sharing his food adventures, but @J_L et al on this forum cover miles of territory and I find their styles far more fluid and human.


Thanks for saying it better than I could. With a thesaurus beside me lol I might do as well.


This isn’t so much about kevineats as it is about your analogy. Yes, there is a clear difference, but, IMHO, that’s sort of like saying that aquamarine is clearly different from teal (and I do actually think there is a difference). Not the same, but clearly along the same spectrum.

I work in an industry (not food related) in which clients are sometimes given cash for showing up to discuss a product and sometimes given a comped meal. In the both cases, the very clear intention is to influence the client into using the advertised product. The industry is very savvy; they wouldn’t be offering both if both methods didn’t both work effectively…

Having said that, I don’t really read kevineats, so I don’t really know much about his relationship w/ industry folk. And I really did think that Keith Gilabert had re-emerged.


I was at Grand Central Market today. A guy - I’m assuming he was some sort of vlogger - was videoimg a segment on the McConnell’s ice cream counter.

“So which ones did you want to try”

Hmm - this one, and this one above it. Ooh that one too. Wait - how many do I get to try?"

I didn’t stick around for the counter person’s response - but I can guess as I walked away shaking my head.