THE Tsujita vs. Tsujita (Sawtelle) vs. Tsujita Annex: 3 Temples of Porky Ramen & Tsukemen


Lost the thread - is this spicy roe from Kitakata?
In the OC?


Hi @CiaoBob,

Yah the Aburi Chashu Bowl at Kitakata Ramen in Costa Mesa:

Have you been there yet? :slight_smile:


anyone been to the Kitakata Buena Park yet? i was wondering it it’s just as good, the one in Costa Mesa always has a wait.


If you meant rice (and not roe), then yessiree.


Hi @Hungrydrunk,

Yah we’ve been a few months ago. I wrote about it in the linked Kitakata thread (above).

I thought it wasn’t as good, but it was decently close in some ways, with much better seating / less wait.


thanks for the information. i’ll re-read the Kitakata thread.


No problem. :slight_smile: I appended the visit to the original post (at the top) if it’s easier for you, rather than going through all the posts.


I’m in the OC as little as possible.


South Coast Plaza coming soon…


Tsujita’s LA Artisan Noodle - Sawtelle (the flagship location) received an alarming health inspection report on April 4, 2017.

They were found in violation of 17 health standards.

Standard Not Met: Water available
Standard Not Met: Equipment/Utensils - approved; installed; clean; good repair, capacity
Standard Not Met: Nonfood-contact surfaces clean and in good repair
Standard Not Met: Hot Water Available
Standard Not Met: Premises; personal/cleaning items; vermin-proofing
Standard Not Met: Food contact surfaces: clean and sanitized
Standard Not Met: Toxic substances properly identified, stored, used
Standard Not Met: Demonstration of knowledge
Standard Not Met: Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas, use
Standard Not Met: Proper hot and cold holding temperatures
Standard Not Met: Wiping cloths: properly used and stored
Standard Not Met: No rodents, insects, birds, or animals
Standard Not Met: Proper cooling methods
Standard Not Met: Multiple Major Critical Violations / Increased Risk to Public Health
Standard Not Met: Equipment, utensils and linens: storage and use
Standard Not Met: Personal cleanliness and hair restraints
Standard Not Met: Thermometers provided and accurate

This is even worse than their previous B ranking in Aug 2016, wherein they were cited for 10 violations.


WOW. I’m no expert in this area but it seems pretty bad. Considering the size of their space and the amount of business they do (they are frickin’ crazy busy almost always), This may be foretelling for them that they need to change gears. Downsize their menu/hours/days would be my guess. Optimally move.


Wow, thanks for the info.

I’m guessing the move of their OG kitchen staff to the new Glendale location (manager included) didn’t help with their Sawtelle location keeping up standards. Thanks for the warning.


What part of the mall are they going to be located?


I have no clue, but the boards were right below Din Tai Fung across from Uniqlo.


Anyone who’s ever run a restaurant, will tell you that list is basically a health inspector being nitpicky (or, translated, for hoi polloi “was not sufficiently bribed during the inspection process”)


My favorite violation is the “no towels in the red sanitation bucket.”


That’s what I was sort of wondering…


I’ve been the victim of being present while eating during a health Dept inspection twice - they’re total assholes. At the same time, they do point out shortcomings based on their rules. If half of what they point out carries weight, then I think I’d be concerned as a business was owner. Just my thoughts.


Anyone still like the tantanmen ramen at Asian-Ya? I used to love that soup


I don’t think they’re total dicks; I’ve never had the pleasure of dealing with one directly but it’s not super difficult to get an A grade in LA. The violations at Tsujita just show that they were careless, and the management doesn’t have their shit together. The LA County Dept of Public Health lets every restaurant know when they’re coming ahead of time. There really aren’t surprise visits so to see violations like contact surfaces not clean and sanitized…like cmon guys I know you’re busy but you couldn’t take some extra time the night before to get those hard to reach shelves??

Wiping cloths?? Don’t be leaving them on tables/counters…they should know better. Those are easy things to take care of…

Tell me I’m stereotyping, but I think it’s incredibly unusual for a Japanese place in LA to receive lower than A. A for asians except C for Chinese right?? (it’s cool, I’m Chinese.)