Tired Of Terrible French Fries


You have to help me out here, I am so tired of mediocre French Fries here in LA. I do really like the double fried version at the Oinkster (top photo) and the truffle fries at Wurstküche.(middle photo) and their curried ketchup. And believe it or not even the cripy frozen fries at Langer’s (bottom photo) and The Apple Pan. Where else am I missing? I still miss Benita’s in Santa Monica. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-05-31/food/fo-682_1_belgian-fries Help!

Photos from LA Weekly.






I very much like the ridiculously thin and super salty fries served with mayo at Father’s Office.


You and me both! A lot of bad fry’s in LA. I loved Benita’s frites btw, I think that is why so few measure up. Lol that and the carl’s jr ‘frispos’ fries. of the 80’s


Marche Moderne


Benita’s Frites was the jam. My friends and I often reminisce about the days when the 3rd St. Promenade could actually support small, specialty businesses.


Haché LA
Smoke’s Poutinerie
Beer Belly
Bruxie’s waffle fries


Benita’s was the place with the timers right? Those things were like torture waiting for you fries. Then, pure bliss.


I’ll second Hache LA - consistently good belgian style fries.
I’ll add Belcampo - cooked in beef suet.


Humble Potato
26 Beach
Library Ale House
Pono Burger
Plan Check
Father’s Office (shoestring)
Meet in Paris (shoestring)
Status Kuo


I like humble potato, but paying 4$ for frozen FF’s (even good frozen) just annoy’s me. (putting it nicely).


This is the correct answer.

When you do basically 2 things, and one of them (the french fry) takes you 8-steps and 24 hours to accomplish, you know the result will not be anything but short of outstanding.

Any opinions on either of the new Melrose steak frite places, L'Assiette or Le Relais de l'Entrecote?

$4 for something that would cost me much more in time and money to replicate is more than fair to me - shrug.


I will add JAR to the list. Petit Trois as well, come to think of it.


The HP shichimi and garlic parmesan fries are now a cool $6. Still worth it to me…need a vessel anyway for the ridiculously addictive HP sauce.


The Bellweather.


The Bellwether in Studio City has great steak fries. They brine them, steam them and then fry several times. I have been trying to duplicate them, but haven’t succeeded yet.
For thin fries I make my own.


Worth the extra effort to get fries from McD.


Thanks Wes!