Top Dog LA


Hah! No Lakers for me, I’m a hockey fan. Although, the way the Kings are playing lately is pretty vomit inducing…


Fab’s – Street Dog
Disneyland – Corn Dog
Cupid’s Northridge – Chili Cheese Dog w/onion & mustard
Fab’s - Spicy Polish
Pink’s Chili Dog (only if we’re in the area at 12:30am and need something to eat)

Luckily, Fab’s is only a 12-15 minute drive for us, and the Northridge Cupid’s is even less than that. A visit to Fab’s always includes the tater tots with the curry ketchup.

I miss Wiener Factory. I used to work across the street from it and would eat there 1-2 times a week. The beef dogs were great, but so were the turkey dogs.


Way cool!


those turkey dogs with the natural casings topped with mustards and mounds upon mounds of shredded cheddar cheese were the fucking piece de resistance.


I always asked them for fucking easy cheese. And that aint no fucking joke.


TIL: the angus street dog from weinershnitzel is surprisingly legit and due to the all beef upgrade and deep fried bacon, superior to the variants on Hollywood Blvd. at $3.29 + tax, they’re actually cheaper too.


Alison Martino is actually a very reliable source and well-connected. Rick Caruso did want to buy the stand, but the family was greedy and kept upping the price. Maybe they were finally able to work a deal.
She also pushed for Bristol Farms to sell Chasen’s chili, but it did not sell enough for them to continue.


You can have your opinion on Ms. Martino. I don’t share it and I’m not a fan. But no biggie. I’m certainly hoping she is right in this instance and I have nothing but well wishes for everyone including her.


Don’t know where yet but the PUP is coming home…
Places I’d like the Pup to land.

  1. The Farmer’s Market/The Grove
  2. LACMA
  3. Venice boardwalk
  4. Third Street Promenade
  5. Westwood Village
    and suggestions?

photo from NBC


right back in that empty parking lot where it last stood would be my pick…i think the area by the beverly center and Cedars is perfect…disclaimer: that’s my home!


To make Kevin happy they can put it where the Wiener Factory stood for years…


I thought that’s a fucking Vibe café hookah lounge now ??? right ???


cant we just bring back The Wiener Factory itself ???


Wish we could, really wish we could…I loved their polish dog so much.


for me, it’s those fucking incomparable turkey dogs.



Photo from EaterLA


I lived in Chicago for a decade and there seemed to be a stand on every block, but with the quick closings of Budacki’s and the Westwood Fab’s, maybe L.A. rents are too pricy for a hot dog place to survive in general. A shame, really.


the turkey dogs at european deluxe sausage kitchen are also pretty good…


do they cook up at the fucking joint ??? hmmmm. sounds fucking dope.


nah, don’t think so you gotta buy em…i could be wrong…i think they might make sandwiches so maybe…