Top Dog LA


New York or Chicago?…Photo from Carney’s today….


Loveses me a Costco dog!

I know they used to be Hebrew Nationals, but last time I was by (in May), I noticed the HN umbrellas were gone, so asked and was told “They’re our own (i.e., Costco) brand now.” Happily, it tasted the same to me.

Now if only they offered that red onion pushcart-style sauce…


I actually find the new Costco polish better than the old polish.


I like to do a modified Chicago lite at Nate n als or other delis and lay a whole pickle spear down the bun.


Love that red onion sauce!


im curious if folks here go to costco just to get a hot dog. i guess i mean, is costco a destination hot dog spot?
ill have one if im shopping there, but if its like, i feel like a hot dog, where should i go, costco aint near my first choice.


It’s the only chain place where you can get a 1/4 lb kraut dog for $1.67 with drink.


I just get one to fortify myself before entering the Thunderdome that is Costco.


Just don’t tell anyone to go light on any waffle samples


I do go to Costco just for a Hot Dog. I love their polish dog and I think that the Kirkland polish is actually better than the old Hebrew National.


I live within walking distance of one, so I do go there just for a hot dog (or slice of pizza), sometimes.


One update is fritzi dog in the farmers market which I previously didn’t like much cuz the dogs had no real casing now has a new dog called the snappy smokey. Very snappy maybe a little smokey. Pretty good dog. Many dog topping and bun options there. Tots.


Gas station for the car, then hot dog for me.

Unbeatable combo. Happy car, happy life.

That said, I will do the former by itself, but never the latter however.


What are the top gas station hot dogs apart from Costco ?


Fab spicy polish Mexicali style – grilled onions, adobo sauce, guacamole and sour cream.


After reading all these replies . Where can I get a hot dog in LA . That has a dog that snaps when you bite into it . Talking about tube steak . Sometimes I like them off the flat top grill , or even boiled . Fuck all that other shit that is piled onto it to make it a sandwich . Except for chili .French’[s shitty mustard and onions please .Yea you have all of those others trendy franks . Not Costco please . Every town has those . Shame on you . The hot dog bun could be another topic also . So the other question . Top chili dog in LA . I know you have it .


Carney’s has a great snap
Marty’s uses Vienna beef w casing.
Nate n als

Lots don’t but lots do

The new one at fritzi better than the others on that menu but those are pricier.

So many good chili dogs …


Weinermobile the master . Thanks for setting it straight . Maybe start talking about chili dogs . A island by themselves . I would say you have em where you live lets hear it.


I grew up eating Cupid’s Chili dogs (top photo) all the time with a great snap…so they’re my favorite. Other good chili dogs are Carney’s, (although the dogs are so good at Carney’s I usually go with their onion mustard tomato and pickle dog) or late night a Huell Howser at Pink’s or even Tommy’s on Rampart (photo below)
Tommy’s photo LA Weekly


you know the burgers at tommy’s get all the love but i always get the dogs there…i read natural sheep casings…you can tell with the snap…i add some of those pickled hot peppers they have