Top Dog LA


Marty’s firedog with chili cheese and topped with pastrami is my go to. I am not a fan of their fries or onion rings so I go big and then grab a buttermilk bar from primos after and call it a meal.

Marty’s is legit.


replace it with a kevin special plus another dog and i’m good to go.

that reminds me of my favorite chili cheese burger:

the triple Jay Burger from Jay’s Jay Burgers in Silverlake.

and copious amounts of fresh-squeezed lemonade to wash that shit down.

boy do i ever miss that fucking joint. and this time that ain’t no fucking joke, not by a fucking long shot.


Whatever happened to the Jay’s in San Diego?


no fucking clue.

hopefully ipse or the dining diva will report on that.

it was related to the OG Jay’s ike he semi-retired there for a decade or so or something of that nature ???


After reading this article, we ALL may swear off hot dogs. Disturbing.


Not worried. Lots of low grade dogs out there like lots of low grade other things. I’m still fit as a fiddle.


Did they do this with Spam?

Spam must score like a 20 or something. At least they got rid of that horrible gelatinous sludge that used to come in the can. :joy:


Hot Dog Ratings…interesting.


Do u like Oscar Meyer weiners, their number one ?

I bet Nate Silver doesn’t.


The slightly increased risk from eating dogs.


I should have just titled this Top Lips n Assholes for some of these new insightful studies about how hotdogs aren’t as good for you as tofu.


Is that what they’re filled with?


at least im not quite out of good hot dog music for you McM


Aw, thanks!


Headlines vs. reality. [keep those dogs a coming]


Tried a new place in Brea today called Otis Dogs.

I tried their chili cheese dog and their Otis Cali Dog. The dogs themselves are really good. Their chili is a little sweet for my taste, but nice and meaty. The Cali Dog had a lot going on (ingredients in first pic). I would probably have liked it better w/o the mango salsa. Not that there was anything wrong with it, I just thought it was too much on that dog. I’ll probably return to try more. They have a build-your-own option with a good selection of toppings.


Can anyone find out if it’s related to the fucking joint that’s now defunct in north Hollywood ???


looks like it


Same color scheme, completely different menu; I messaged them on FB, let’s see if they respond.

Good catch though cuz the NoHo joint was aweesome.


Ketchup on the NY dog . Only in privacy of my home .