What's cookin'?


The recipe says to spread 1/4 cup of sheep cheese on each slice of toast.


I honestly believe that just about any spreadable cheese would be fine and dangy :slight_smile:


That’s what they say.




Our first night in Seattle after a few hours drive over from the coast. What I continue to call a “melange.” Slivers of bacon in oo, bulk sausage, garlic, onion, Hazan’s tomato/onion sauce (I keep portions frozen), capers…dang, I’m forgetting what else. With linguini. A perfect start.


Forgot the shishitos.


Rice, parippu (Sri Lankan dhal/lentil curry), and “fake” Tandoori chicken.


Caprese with bread and salami


That little dressing was really good.


There’s no vinegar in insalata caprese.


Although I loathe Batali as a (sub)human, he’s one of my gods for cooking. It was a super light champagne vinegar from DaVero that I’ve been using for years now. And their Meyer lemon oo is so wonderful.


Caprese is good tomatoes, good mozzarella, good olive oil, salt, and basil. Period. Vinegar would overpower the delicate flavors.


Yes, dear :slight_smile:


Stop! You’'re killing me!


HAHA! We’ve eaten so many wonderful tomatoes; I’m already dreading the end of the season.


Our tomato season is really starting to wind down. Which makes me so sad.

But? It’s the best summer for basil we’ve ever had so? I can’t be that sad!


Skillet roasted cauliflower wth a soy, garlic and ginger glaze.


That looks great. Could you talk about it some please? Gotta start preparing for not having this :slight_smile:


Again, Cath - you are killing me with your pics!

Much to my surprise, I am a roasted cauliflower fan. Loved it with curry and raisins at the late EVA restaurant. Love Emeril’s recipe with lots of olive oil and garlic, finished with lemon juice and parmesan. That’s killer, I could just eat it with bread and wine for a complete dinner ; )

But in the summer? Roasting? Not so much. So I discovered I can microwave sliced cauliflower until it is almost done, put a bit of oil in a non-stick skillet and brown it, quickly and then? Finish it off to match the nights dinner. I’ve done it to cheat the Emeril recipe (and it worked!) Then to match tonights Chinese food leftovers? Browned it until almost done, then mixed soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger powder in 3 T water, scattered it over the pan, tossed it and let it steam. It needed a tiny bit more fat at the end - too sharp - so I just threw in a T of margarine (but butter might have been even better) and? Lovely.

The microwave and then pan roast method is so handy. And I love how you can adjust the flavors at the end.


Brilliant!!! I will definitely be doing some of this. Thanks for taking the time to elaborate.


Got a craving for banh mi, had all the ingredients so? Banh Mi is happening!

The veggies are pickling as I type, the jalapeño is sliced - just need to wash the cilantro and I’ll be ready to assemble!

PS - Wanting to my jalapeño slices to be as thin as the ones I get when I buy the ready made sandwiches (but not having a mandolin) - I remembered the late great veggie peeler salesman. And it worked perfectly! Go to :18 seconds in the clip : )