What's cookin'?


We’ll be passing through your area after Christmas. Could you save some please/??


Looks cheesy and good. What’s in it?


Sauteed onion , mushroom , small amount of red bell pepper. Blended into the eggs . Cooked lowly on stove top to set the bottom . Topped with fresh mozzarella and shaved Romano cheese . Then into the oven. Topped with prosciutto after removing from oven , not shown .


Reducing turkey carcass broth. I’m surprised I can turn the heat all the way up without it boiling over.


Why do you suppose that is?


Costco’s got in their racks of pork which we just love. We cut one in half, season, sear, 10 minutes at 450 and about 40 at 350 til internal temp is 145+/-. Egg noodles, a little gravy and spinach. What a good dinner.

I included the gravy for a reason :slight_smile: It was bacon/pork drippings, flour and chicken stock. Super blah. At the last minute I added a minute amount of liquid smoke (I’d bought after reading an article about.). We had BBQ-flavored gravy. LOL. But tasty anyway.


I realized this morning that not only have I eaten vegan all this past week, but so has my poor child. Thanksgiving knocked me out.


Holey moley!


We still have at least one serving of turkey soup and two or three of tetrazzini.


Do you have a tetrazzini recipe that you’d share?


I just improvise that sort of thing and I didn’t make this one anyway. This looks like about the right model. I’d leave out the lemon.


I wasn’t sure this compost-bin rescue was going to be edible: crisped up some leftover latkes that had been sitting in a bag with brisket juices for a week in butter, then in that brown butter melted some fancy blue cheese from a dried-out hunk I’d trimmed of mold, then mixed in some scrambled eggs, which sort of deglazed the stuck-on bits of latke.


That’s some Kimura-Baroo spirit, right there…


You are a very interesting cook.


KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Daddy always said “no matter what’s wrong with you, a steak will make it better.”


Italiano theme at our place.

Negroni’s and Prosecco to get the ball rolling.

More bubbly and some table reds with the food.

Flatbread Margherita. Second tranche topped with some fresh crab my buddy caught the morning before.

Coda Alla Vaccinara. Oxtail.

Trippa Romana.

Arugula, tomato and Reggiano.

Risotto. Of course.

Striped Bass. From the same crabbing buddy. It’s good to have friends who catch more than they can consume. :slight_smile:

Because we are Chinese. Three of the one hundred Aji that we brought back from Taiwan. its all about the roe, don’t ya know.

What’s more Italian than brain soup?? :slight_smile:

A guest brought a beautiful assortment of Italian pastries and cookies from Stella Bakery. By the time these came out, our photographer was a little too deep in the sauce. Oops. :blush:


Niiiiiiice spread. How many guests?


Thanks. We were six, altogether.


Unless you’re having a gout flare.


And I say “everything in moderation including moderation.” (Well I’m sure someone said it before I.) Did you see the size of that steak portion? We’ll get a second meal out of that ribeye. And even had leftover baked potato which I’ve put with some leftover acorn squash that was cooked with leeks, celery and Granny Smith applies. That may be a side dish tonight.