What's cookin'?


Thinking about that gave me a craving so I went and bought tofu and sambal oelek and made some. This is 12 oz. of firm tofu and maybe 3/4 cup sambal. Most people would probably think it was very spicy.

I think it should actually be medium tofu.


I assume silken tofu would be the one to use here, despite the firmness, no?


I don’t think that was available in Berlin in the mid-80s.


I guess that’s a no.


I saw a two-pound beet at Berkeley Bowl and thought, that’ll cut the prep time, so I made a sort of base soup with some bacon and carrots and half a kholrabi. Today I finished part of it with some fresh fermented sauerkraut and kidney beans. Could use some dill and/or caraway.


It’s such a good idea. I’d probably tone it down. :slight_smile: What type of bread or cracker do you serve it with?


Do you think the food processor works for the medium or firm?


The food processor works for firm, so it would certainly work for medium.

I like it with fresh crusty bread, toast, or Wasa. Probably not with salted crackers.


It was a messy friendstivas affair


Oh wow! What’s that bottom dish? Mmm.


Zereshk polo in Persian, but it looks like a plov version…?


I don’t see any barberries, but I’m a Persian n00b.

Either way, it’s the dish I never knew I wanted with smoked ribs and brisket . . . until now!


I forgot you’re really good at this. The ribs look sooo good. Is that a smoker or a bbq grill?


It’s a guessing game. My guess is an Armenian rice dish.


yea armenian sweet plov… got too messy… there were too many dishes to finish at the same time.


I forgot to take a photo of this sort of Provençal turnip gratin before it was almost gone. Tokyo turnips, equal parts by weight onion and Pomi sautéed with thyme in olive oil, grated Le Gruyère. 325° fan for 45 minutes.


Did you chop them, grate them,??? Sounds great. And the pan speaks for itself :slight_smile:


Benriner on thickest setting.


Ooh, I’m liking that.


Brother in law’s Christmas brisket (also first effort) blew mine away