What's cookin'?


That point is on point.


First effort? Wow.


Which one do you generally use for cooking? Chopped, strained, sauce?


I use finely chopped unless I want a really smooth sauce in which case I use strained. Not familiar with the “sauce” product.

They now have an app that will show you the field that the tomatoes in a particular box came from.


Ohhh… it’s like that.

I bought the sauce version the other day. I don’t know why. I usually use a can of paste and a can of whole tomatoes hand crushed or puréed. But I was rushing and there it was.


Is it thicker?


The sauce? I haven’t used it yet.


It was a whim. I didn’t have any particular plans for it. I like to have tomato sauce fixings in the cupboard just in case, and remembered that cooks on the board really like it. But I couldn’t remember which version of Pomi is preferred.


I have another Tofu question… since the first one got so much action. :smile: For those who don’t like too much heat, what would you use as a substitute for the Sambal Oelek in a Tofu Spread? Maybe Sun-dried Tomatoes? Olives? Pesto?


Thai chilli sauce. Its more sweet, like the kind you get with egg rolls.


Did this Serious Eats technique for a little two rib roast and it was perfect.


My German hippie friends actually made two different kinds of tofu spread, but I can’t remember what the other one was.

I think herbs and garlic a la Boursin / Alouette would be good.


That’s basically what I do, except instead of finishing in a hot oven I use a blowtorch.


Good job Cath.


I’d also thought about the broiler. The closest I come to a blow torch is a little one for creme brulee.


For la cena di San Silvestro I’m making daube out of the gamiest lamb I’ve ever bought. At first I thought it had spoiled, but now that I have (to quote the judges of the original Japanese Iron Chef Battle Lamb) “controlled the bad smell” with onion, garlic, thyme, anchovies, and red wine it’s pretty appetizing.


We bought a lamb from a local rancher a couple of years ago. Grass fed. It tasted unlike any lamb we’d ever had and it was wonderful. Didn’t taste like any other meat either. But it didn’t stink :slight_smile:


Now that took a minute to look up. The Dinner of Silvester? What? Ahhh… New Years Eve, Italian style.

P.S. How was your gamey lamb?


The lamb was great. Tasted about like the usual retired weed control lambs we get from our CSA farm.


What is that?