What's on your Thanksgiving Menu?


LOL, I have a sticky note on each serving dish. Even the gravy boat.


I literally do the same exact thing.
People make fun of me but I don’t care as long as I’m drinking some good wine by 10am.


bacon sofrito for

spicy sweet potatoes with bacon and fish sauce


IMneverHO fish sauce makes so many things so good.


My pretty turkey. :slight_smile:


Prep work all done. Sides mostly made and in the fridge to warm up in the oven while the bird rests. No appetizers this year…I’m throwing a party on Saturday and want to conserve energy for that.

Roasted turkey with herbs and citrus
Mashed potatoes with Welsh cultured butter
Chrissy Teigen’s Mac & Cheese
Corn casserole
Carrots sous vide with Bordier Beurre with Espelette
Haricot verts sous vide with Urbani black truffle butter
Orange-cranberry sauce
And that crap in a can (jellied cranberry sauce) because my husband loves it

Cheating with pie from Marie Callender’s…my kid adores the pumpkin. Additional dessert supplied by Porto’s.

Rieme Blood Orange Sparkling Lemonade
Assorted wines



I think Thanksgiving menus are so funny with their plethora of carbs.

BTW I once reheated mashed potatoes in the slow cooker and it worked great.


I made the Chez L’Ami Jean riz au lait for dessert and have already had a bowl for breakfast.

Gobble gobble, everyone!


Steaming frozen green beans and dicing canned water chestnuts for green bean casserole gave me the odd feeling that I was cooking facetiously.


I am making bread dressing with sausage , parker house rolls , and those Rubuchon potatoes . 2 pounds of mashed potatoes with 1 pound of butter added. I love my carbs .:bread::pie::pancakes:



Ditto… and I’m not sure if I’ve ever even had it. I just feel like I should love it.


That is so brilliant. :slight_smile:

I had a friend from Atlanta once ask me to make asparagus casserole, and it had to be with canned asparagus and cream of mushroom soup, and I said I could make all that from scratch, but he looked crestfallen, so I did it his way, and you just described the exact feeling I had. He was so happy, though.


From the article:
“Even Mr. Kimball, who left America’s Test Kitchen and started the cooking media enterprise Milk Street in 2016, eventually gave up on brining the turkey. ‘I just braise the bloody thing.’”

I’ve had good success with brining as long as I let it dry overnight to prevent rubbery skin. I’m not doing the bird this year, but last time ‘I just braised the bloody thing’ then put it in the oven to crisp the skin and it was the incredible.


I would love to try this. Unfortunately our place was just remodeled and the inspector made them install enough smoke detectors to alert the whole neighborhood. They go off all the time and they talk to each other too - when one goes off the others go crazy. Really sucks. Except I :heart: my new kitchen.


Are you making them?

If anyone knows where to buy good ones in L.A. I’d be much obliged. Not for today obviously, but for future. Family tradition was to buy them and Monkey Bread at Thee’s Bakery in The Farmers Market, but the owner retired a few years ago. :frowning_face:


I bought them . To shorten the load . Time to start prepping for the meal . I prepped yesterday also . Happy Thanksgiving. :wine_glass:Cheers


You too! The description of your meal makes me want to get in my car and find your house.

I’m getting off easy this year… making Potatoes au Gratin to take to my cousins. Happy Tday All!


Me too. And I did a from scratch version one year, but it just wasn’t the same. It’s like having a boxed mac and cheese craving and making the real deal. 2 different things.


I’ve been wanting to make a fresh green bean casserole lately, but my husband isn’t a fan. Haven’t tried it on our kids, yet…maybe for Christmas. I do rather like the idea of water chestnuts for an added crunchy texture.

Cooking update:
The bird has been in the oven with it’s bacon blanket since 10AM. Should be done by 1:30PM and while it rests, I warm up my pre-mixed/made mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and corn casserole. Vegetables are already in the sous vide machine. Turkey parts broth is on the stove and ready to help the drippings turn into gravy.

I get to sit on the couch, sip my mimosas, and watch after the kid recovering from ACL reconstruction.