What's on your Thanksgiving Menu?


Here’s Kenji’s take on brining: https://www.seriouseats.com/2012/11/the-food-lab-the-truth-about-brining-turkey-thanksgiving.html


They also quoted him in the article @robert posted.


At ease soldier! Good job!

I hope homie or homette is doin’ okay!


18-pound heritage bird, salted and left overnight in the fridge, took out around 8:30 to let it come to room temperature, threw a bunch of fresh herbs in the cavity, put in the oven at 325° fan expecting it would take three to four hours to reach 150°, within 90 minutes the breast was at 160°. What the fuck?


Uh oh




@TheCookie He’s doing well…thanks! 7 days post-op and he’s already had 3 sessions of PT. I’m going to take him on a walk later to get him ready for trekking the high school campus on Monday.


Wonder Woman


Happy Thanksgiving FTC friends.


Some menu changes since posting, but all delicious. Pumpkin soup with cracklings, relish tray, sautéed kale (Gjelina recipe), green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, turkey thighs, turkey gravy, canned cranberry, pear and cranberry pie.


I’m so worn out . Enjoy everybody.


See? That’s why I stopped doing the whole “soup to nuts” thing. I don’t want to be “so worn out.” Sleep well, em.


There was just so much butter. The Butter takedown with potato


Looks lovely…like white velvet.


Didn’t go all out or make too many dishes because we only felt like having a few people over. Roast lamb (which i overcooked because i’m the worst), roast potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and some sautéed Brussels sprouts thing.

Dessert was some fantastic and fluffy Japanese style soft soufflé cheesecake from Nagomi Cake House in Gardena (i’m never gonna stfu about that place) and The Framboise from de Garde Brewing, which is one of my favorite breweries.


A few days of cooking for one meal leads to leftovers for days. Not a bad exchange. We are thoroughly stuffed, and clean up was a breeze since I had some help. Now to load the fridge with leftovers, and sit with a glass of wine to reflect on a great day.


I love a good framboise. And that cake is reminiscent of the Uncle Tetsu version I had a couple of weeks ago. Looks like a good meal cooked with love and care to me.
I mixed white and red potatoes in my Instant Pot to make mashed potatoes with chicken stock and butter to cook. The combination of those things kind of turned the potatoes into a golden-butternut squash color…added in heavy cream, butter, and more seasoning, but the color was off. Still tasted delicious, and only one person mentioned the color.


It looks great.

Where did you get those? We went to cousins’ this year and I will miss leftover sandwiches and such. I thought of making a bacon wrapped breast for home, but wasn’t up to doing whole legs for the dark meat. Do you buy the thighs or have a butcher cut them?



What a modest sized serving :slight_smile: