Where are you going on Valentine's for dinner?


Do you go out on the 14th?

We almost never do and make sure to go out day before or after but this year i decided to go to Musso&Frank right on 14th because i don’t think they’re going to do any special set menus.

Where are you going? Hope you all have a :heart: filled one.


Martinis at Missouri and Franks is a must


Yep. Martinis and steaks is the plan . Love that place


You are a brave soul! We usually stay in and I cook for the evening…and add a dinner out the weekend before for after the 14th. Haven’t made our dining plans this year, yet.


Hell to the no. Did it once and won’t do it again (unless it’s a place that isn’t particularly romantic and doesn’t have a price-fixe menu that evening).


We never celebrate V-day but used it as an excuse this year to go to Chi SPACCA last night.


That’s why we are going to Frank & M. Our kid has never been to a valentines dinner and it’s time the love child comes out with us.


I did it once and will never do it again. We always celebrate before or after. On vday proper I make a nice meal at home.


In N Out :wink::grin:


How can Frank & Musso’s fuck it up? Convince me and I’ll cancel the rezzy


I don’t think they will. It’s the places that do the special menu for the night that I worry about.


We used to go out on the 14th when we were dating - and then finally realized it was a hot mess. So now, normally for that day, we have a fab lunch out or special dinner at home (aka crab or lobster) and call it a day.

This year, we may be naughty and do happy hour at Paul Martins in Pasadena (wow their mixed drinks have a good price/quality ratio) or, get Mariscos Jalisco to go, and eat it at home with nice wine.


I can’t stand dining out for Valentine’s Day. But I think Musso and Frank is kind of inspired.
Steaks, martinis, old Hollywood, no special menu (probably). Should be fun. Enjoy!


I love your drinks and Mariscos Jalisco idea!


And the kid gets to feel some love


Instead of eating out, I’m buying my better half a few shares of Amazon… #makelovegrow #doesPrimedeliverstocksforfree?


Better to just stay home.

Easier to fornicate.




I think you’ll be fine as others have echoed at frank and mussos if there’s no special vday menu. For me personally over the years of dating others I just hate the crowd, lackluster service and the general clusterfuckery of it all.

It’s akin for me to going out to a special event on New Year’s Eve, too old for that shit lol


that feel when no girlfriend, just going to go see DELIVERANCE and BOOGIE NIGHTS by myself at New Beverly.

but in the past have done trois mec and Ado in Venice (I guess it’s called Barrique now)…Didn’t love Trois Mec and Ado had the worst service of all time.