Where's kevin


Who the fuck knows ??? Pardon my language.


I’m surprised that any one cared enough to even start this thread. On CH ‘famous names’ came and went. This isn’t ‘rocket science’, folks.


what do you mean by rocket science ? in this instance. :slight_smile:


Just that people come and go. Some got BFLd (banned for life), some got fed up and left, some died, some just lost interest. I just don’t see the big deal. Especially in LA there are so, so many that fill any gap, any time.


I understand.

Yes, loz, definitely not rocket science in that case.


Yes, foodies come and go.

Restaurants open and close.

Such is the cycle of life.


Though some are legendary, or “fucking” legendary as the great ones put it.


[quote=“catholiver, post:265, topic:2093”]
Especially in LA there are so, so many that fill any gap, any time.
[/quote]True… But even us “superficial” Angelenos have the ability to miss someone.


NO superficiality intended. At all. But I just looked and it’s been over a year. None of my former food heroes were THAT legendary. “The king is dead, long live the king.”


I want to know where’s @bulavinaka


Hopefully just busy. But possibly weary from some of the bickering.


I think they are legendary in their own right.

Each and every one of us. Some more than offers because of the unique voice and dedication to their craft, hobbies.

Most wouldn’t say that Jonathan Gold or Ruth Reichl, or MLF Fischer is not legendary in their own right nor these posters from Sammy D. to Russkarl.


I was making light really. Just IMO it’s great to remember former posters it’s just that this thread continues is an oddity. I’ve not seen another one. All of you seem to know where kevin is and why. Right? When people have asked about other former posters, if I knew I answered and that was that. Same with other posters.


Gotcha. i thought you were putting down all of these posters. :slight_smile:


Heavens no. I still won’t win any contests but I’m such a better cook because of all these people.




who are the good home cooks on this board ?


That particular legend is back, correct, Balu ?


I think any thread can be started about any topic relation to food, or similar to food. Like Not about food on that udder site.


Yes, thank goodness.