Where's kevin


You’d be correct.


Because of this thread, I’m far less likely to say “fuck.” LESS likely :slight_smile:


That’s funny. This whole board has brought my inner potty mouth out. I haven’t cussed this much since I was a teenager… I kinda’ like it :relieved:.


I probably got started before you :slight_smile:


[quote=“Funtimes, post:301, topic:2093”]
Nibbling on heavy foods is good, like the French do.
[/quote]Haha… indeed. Wait until I post my recently decadent Sunday brunch at Amimal. Nibble City.

A little birdie - well maybe not so little - told me kevin still checks in. He has willpower. I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to dialogue.


He does. But I am not sure whether it is a lot or a little. Neither is he.


The “Where’s kevin?” thread is officially revived! Fucking amazing.


I got particularly excited about swearing again when I read somewhere that people who use profanity actually tend to be more intelligent with excellent verbal skills. That is certainly the opposite of what I’m sure all of us were taught! But a delightful opinion.

P.S. My potty mouth husband is not at all thrilled that I have joined him in this habit :slight_smile:.


Yeah, I read that also :slight_smile: And I say that I can swear with great aplomb! But I find it boring here when it’s done the way he did it.


[quote=“catholiver, post:310, topic:2093”]
And I say that I can swear with great aplomb!
[/quote]That’s what I like about you cath. And don’t take offense, because I say this affectionately - You are a real broad.


You bet your ass!!! PS: You should ‘see’ me on FB. A take-no-prisoners ‘swear-er.’ Especially these days :frowning:


nothing to see here


I’m just playin’ around yogachik. I’m not going to start stalking kevin.


@kevin, you were before my time. But I :heart: you for this thread.


B. O. R. I. N. G. And I SO don’t want those juvenile fuck-bombs. We all know the word. Right?


Yes, yes. You have said it over and over. You didn’t care for the guy. Nobody is arguing with you.


Not true. I rarely look or looked at the LA board so there was nothing to dislike about him. It’s just the excessive use of the word ‘fuck’ was boring and juvenile and, to me, a total turn off. If he had good things to say he lost me with the repetitiveness.


Okay, you didn’t dislike the guy. You just found him “excessive, boring, juvenile, a total turn off and repetitive.” I could use a few of those adjectives to describe your posts about kevin.


No, dear. I found his use of the word to be those things. I have no idea what he is like.


Now I’m bored.