Who's got the best Italian sub?


Don’t go out of your way. I’d much prefer an Italian sub from Gjusta, Bay Cities or in my dreams any Defonte’s sandwich.


call me a heathen but I like JM’s italian way better than Bay Cities. My biggest problem w/ Bay Cities is everything explodes out of the sandwich on first bite.


Just think about baseball


Sandwich composition is very important. I hate when places make sandwiches this way. I have had that problem at Bay Cities but I generally rearrange sandwiches make them even and consistent before eating.


Rocco’s does a pretty traditional East coast Italian sub.


Uncle Paulie’s Italian combo is the sandwich you seek.


How does Sorrento’s Italian Market (on Sepulveda in Culver City) fare these days? We used to stop for sandwiches when I was a kid, but it’s been several decades since my last visit :neutral_face:


is that place hidden behind a shrub or something? i’ve lived in the neighhood for 15 years and have never seen it. nor heard it mentioned for that matter.


It is pretty visible directly across from the Dresden.


Depends on how many key lime pie martinis you’ve had at the Dresden before leaving.


Love the market but I got a sandwich there (not an Italian but a combo was how it was referred to on the menu I think) a few weeks back and it was not good. Asked if they could add any hot peppers and got a confused look. Stale bread. Very very little meat.


You could try Pulciano’s near the San Gabriel Mission. Hours can be a little funky, but the sandwiches are legit.


The Italian sandwich at Gjusta is delicious. Great baked crunchy bread. The quality of the meats is top notch much less salty than Boars Head or anything else from a deli counter. Ripe heirloom tomato and spicy peppers are nice compliments.

That being said for $17 I’d change a couple of things

  1. The plate the use to serve the sandwich is unreasonably small.
  2. I don’t like the aioli on the sandwich. It makes a big goopy mess and the lettuce is already dressed so it’s not necessary.
  3. Hate the sandwich composition. I had to rearrange the whole thing. Hard to eat.
  4. There was a smokey ham on the sandwich that was tasty and nicely smoked but overpowering. Removed and ate on its own.

I think the sandwich is great. But sometimes I’d prefer a more basic Italian sandwich from bay cities. Meat, cheese, bread and some hot peppers.




The sandwich might have actually been $18. It’s either $17 or $18. It’s Gjusta, it ain’t cheap.


I mean I want to be outraged but I need to eat 2x$9 Proof sandwiches to be full, so there’s that.


I think I have space for you in my (gullet) space padawan corps… Our logo: Get in my (second) belly!


How old are you kids?!!?


35 w/ 150 pounds of eating power.


Song lyric: “Your day will come…” :smile:

BTW our daughters are older than you!