Who's got the best Italian sub?


A Bay Cities sub is, excuse the irony of the phrasing here, all about the bread. There’s no filling available that’s anything better than merely average, at best, unfortunately.

I still think their sandwiches are among the best in the city, because I think the bread really is that good.


Just did the poor boy and the godmother on back to back days. I miss going to bay cities regularly.


I never would’ve thought of posting this, but, yes, I do recall being consistently annoyed at the size of the plate!!!

I don’t hate the sandwich compsition, but I’d prefer more textural symmetry, if that makes any sense.


For Bay Cities, their excellent rolls can be best used on the hot side to the right (closest to the entrance and windows). The pot roast, the meatballs – great with their bread. And usually no wait on the hot side.


Confess your unpopular opinion time: The bread at Bay CIties is not very good. The one saving grace is it’s freshly baked. But it’s way too tough and about on par with what you used to be able to get at any A&P supermarket back east. Give me Gjusta, Gwen, or Uncle Paulie’s over Bay Cities any day of the week.


Bay Cities sub with proscuitto di parma is my omega. Only downside is sometimes fat strings get stuck in the teeth, but no risk no reward I guess. As for the bread, I for one enjoy the dense chewiness that leaves the jaw sore. I need to go to more grocery stores on the east coast if that’s par for the course.

Honorable mentions to Gwen’s grinder and the Italian from Prime Pizza.


BTW has anyone tried Heroic Deli in Santa Monica yet? I believe it just opened in the old Erven space. Looks promising.



I’m not super crazy about the bread, either (and my complaints are similar to yours). I remember when I first tried the sub, I was like, “Er, what’s the big fuss?” The fillings, though, have def grown on me.

I have not. No menu yet on the website. If it’s an Adam-Fleishman place, I suspect I will need to go shortly after the opening b/f the inevitable downhill alert… :frowning:


That bread on the sandwich at Bay Cities will break ya teeth!

How big was the sandwich for $17?


I would disagree I love the semi crispy outer texture along with the chew to the bread.

Although one thing I do have to do when I’m eating a bay cities sandwich is eat it wrapped in the butcher paper so the contents don’t fall out due to the breads chewiness.


Stay away from tahdig!


I don’t know that I’ve actually tried the godmother at Bay Cities, but I get the Prosciutto di San Danielle (Large) with the hot works, and extra hot pepper salad and burrata. Its around $17. If you buy a large, it is enough for two people or two days. I actually prefer the sandwich the second day when all the pepper has soaked into the bread. Soggy, but I like it.


It hasn’t opened yet. I work 4 blocks away and haven’t seen any activity there since it was announced.


That looks great. Bay Cities is definitely a sandwich where the sum is greater than its individual parts. I tend to enjoy the Godmother and other Italian subs there more than the Gjusta one. That Gjusta sandwich has a lot of very strong flavors going on from the various meats, and I find that they sort of clash.


It’s a well made sandwich.The spicy sport-pepper topping, in particular, is really good. Put those same fillings in, say, an Acme sourdough roll, and it would be even better imo.

Sure and let me be clear: I’m not arguing with anyone’s preference. Nor would I turn up my nose at a Bay Cities Godmother. But the bread itself is low quality. I can envision the machine that’s used to make it because I’ve seen similar such machines at supermarkets. Compare it with, say, the Bub and Grandma’s bread they use at Gwen. Also not my cup of tea personally, but much, much higher quality than Bay Cities.

Agree 100%. I actually think this is the secret to enjoying the Godmother. Let it marinate in its juices.


Whatever the quality the bread may be, fresh bread is fresh bread. They put out fresh batches so regularly that one has to decide on wanting warm bread or hot bread.


That is properly symmetrical. And, yes, that makes a difference. :slight_smile:


If folks haven’t tried it, the Larry Mantle from Wax Paper is a pretty amazing riff on an Italian.

The Spicy Dom at Domingo’s in Encino is also top-notch.


Indeed. Like I said above:


According to their website, Heroic Deli is opening Monday.