Who's got the best Italian sub?


Their quality of everything is amazing. They have my complete confidence


What’s on the mortadella sandwich?


After getting shafted by RFT not making their lunch location, I found myself by the LA River. I was about to stumble into Dune, but then remembered this thread and Wax Paper Co.

My friends, this is the $12 sandwich you’ve been looking for. The following picture is what I rec’ed upon opening the box. It is the glory of a Jersey Mike’s italian, but with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher quality ingredients. This utterly smashes the sandwich, godmother, godfather, san carlo, and any of the east coast style delis I’ve tried (ie Monte Carlo, Mario’s). The only other sandwich I’ve had with equally high ingredients has been from Prime Pizza, but that sandwich was just too much flavor (the hardcore grain mustard really threw that one over the top).

This plus a bottle of hipster coke was $15.xx after tax. I found it amusing that the POS register defaulted to an 18% tip, on what is essentially a glorified take out window with outdoor seating.

And what the hell am I supposed to do with this lonely slice of pepper in vinegar?


Amuse bouche?


That was the sub they put on a burgerlords burger haha

The pepper vinegar is because some people like vinegar on their Italian subs, so there to add if you so desire.


thanks; I’ll give it a shot tomorrow when I return. I thought I was supposed to eat it like thai chili.


Well I’m sure there are no rules lol just saying.

You should try the Ira Glass. Sounds horrible but tastes strangely awesome.


Holy shit.


What are “the first words that came out of my mouth”?


It looks heaven-sent. Fuzz.


Holy hell that’s a tasty sandwich!!! I like a bit more simplicity when it comes to Italian subs, but as a sandwich generally, it’s now in my top 5 in LA for sure. Thanks for reminding me about this place.

Also tried their tuna below and it was fantastic. Really light/fresh.

This place is awesome. Super friendly owner and service to boot.


What did you like better, the italian or tuna? I’m debating whether or not I want to head over right now.


Italian. If I were in the mood for something lighter, it’d be the tuna though.


About a year ago I covered their entire menu if you want a look at the various sandwiches:


6 sandwiches by yourself, like a boss. BTW there’s actually 3 seats inside, but I don’t think 3 people can simultaneously sit down. This line summed up the larry mantle for me:

This is how Italian subs taste in your dreams.


They asked if I was a food critic lol

Yeah, seating inside is weird.

But wonderous sandwiches. The menu seemed small enough and interesting enough to just try all of them, couldn’t resist!


“I’m not a food critic, but I did post on FTC last night”

BTW for anyone reading this, if you’re doing a to-go order would highly suggest placing your order in advance. They were running 20 minute waits the day I went.


Wax Paper revisit. Ate 1.5 of these today. IMO if you’re not eating right away, best to take the sandwich out, press it, and then put it back in the box flat so the juices don’t mess up the bread.

A bit more aggressively seasoned than I remember but still excellent. Maybe 9.7/10 instead of 10/10.


Wax Co Italian is one of the best in the city. That sesame bread.


Is this the "Larry Mantle?"
looks great.