WSGV updates


Yeah, Jim picked that up in his November review in Eater.


ah. thanks.


just a couple of things to note:

banh mi my tho i s still expanding, just not to the 169 supermarket at valley & new, it’s going to be in rosemead on garvey in the 9000 block. they’re advertising for help. no note on open date.

a new AYCE buffet recently opened in what i think is temple city on rosemead blvd. near broadway called shiki. i expect @chandavkl to want to check it out.


Went to Shiki Buffet last Monday. Beautifully decorated but food was unexceptional except for the 15 varieties of ice cream and the dim sum fish balls.


well, there you go.


there’s recently opened ah-la noodles in monterey park. sadly, i noticed it only because it showed up in the health inspection closures list this month:

Ah-La Noodles
Locaton: 644 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park

Reason for closure: Cockroach infestation

Closure date: March 14

Reopen date: March 16

Score: 81 (B)


I was wondering if anything had replaced the short lived M F Noodles so I drove by to see if anything was open there. Didn’t realize there was a new place opened but shuttered by the health department.


they’ve re-opened and are doing business and have already managed to garner 16 5 star reviews on yelp. half of them first reviews from folks outside LA.


Yes, but only four of them have been disqualified by Yelp. Not to mention yours.


i deleted mine since it was just a copy of the health report and i thought better of it. but i did give them five stars.


the three eating establishments inside the ranch 99 on main in alhambra are now open

qiwei kitchen - apparently you choose your stuff on they put it in a small hot pot for you. i’m not feeling it.

the ramen menu

and the boba place:

yes, they’ve added seating as well:


one more thought - there’s been a for lease sign within the mall that houses (among other things) the bowling alley and 101 noodle express on valley in alhambra, but i have no idea what the available space is and/or what place, if any, left.


The since closed Hot Star on Garvey briefly made fresh to order Shandong-style jian bing. The operator was from Shandong. He had an electric-powered stone mill near the front of the store, a flat crepe iron in the window, and some banners and signage touting the crepes out front. Since he only made 20 a day, I had some misgivings about writing it up (thinking about the elotero and all the fallout from that). It wasn’t around long enough for me to write about anyway, so it became a moot point.


I think that might be the space where Rice Kitchen was, which was a hot pot place…and an accupressure clinic before that. Thanks for the update.


the for lease sign at that mall is still being displayed.

golden brown chicken on fremont by the 10E entrance that had a decent rendition of hainan chicken rice morphed into road house bbq express - only to morph again into a hawaiian BBQ place.


Thanks for the update. I didn’t mean to leave the above hanging, but got busy and forgot! Rice Kitchen is still a restaurant, now known as Three Princes Rice Kitchen, with change of menu. So, the for lease sign apparently applies to a non-restaurant space.


according to yelp three princes is closed - so i guess that’s why the sign is still up.


Good grief! It had “closed temporarily”, then supposedly re-opened, and now…

Rice Kitchen/Three Princes Rice Kitchen might have been one in the same, though Rice Kitchen had a small menu of meats with rice plates, while Three Princes had a larger, more elaborate menu.


some time over the summer the dilapidated KFC on garfield north of main morphed into some sort of tea place called 7 leaves.

as the pic notes, with a drive thru.

(and back to the usual quality of my pics)

oh yeah - it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things, but ‘the sakura’ located in the plaza at san gabriel elected not to renew its lease and reconsolidated back to the home location in temple city, some place known as sushi in the box

i found it noteworthy mainly for the phrase that seems to be popping up all over ‘elected not to renew our lease’.


7 leaves on Garfield has been open since last summer, KFC closed long before that. I guess mainly for alhambra’s Chinese-Viet ABC’s and their sugar habit…