WSGV updates


OK, Best Noodle House has re-opened (since the 15th.) My Mandarin is meh, so I wasn’t able to elaborate with the server as to why they were closed. Same menu. Same delicious food.


Thanks for the update! I’ve been thinking about heading 'round there to see what could be seen post-renovation.

Does the place look any different?


Not at all. Wondering if they closed for an extended vacation rather than closed for renovations…


Thanks for the update on Best Noodle House. I was in the area, but on the 14th, so it just missed out on it making this month’s update. At least in English, the note posted in the door read: “re-branding”, but it does make one wonder what it was all about.


Someone fluent in Mandarin needs to figure out the “rebranding” business. So right now it seems like they took a vacation to China, but the one chef responsible for the “House Specials” menu page and a few other items got left behind in China and did not return to Rosemead. I asked if he would be coming back, and I got, “Uhhhhh, maybe, but it might be a very long time.”

Who the hell knows what that means! :joy:


Hi @strongoxman,

Thanks for the info. Does that mean they no longer have the House Specials dishes? (like the Gele Mountain Fried Chicken and other favorites?)


Correct. Owner lady and I were also able to chat a little at the end, and she visited her 91-year-old mother in China. Don’t know the chef’s excuse for ditching, though.


Thanks @strongoxman. This is sad though. While the restaurant was great with its Dan Dan Noodles and Mouth Water Chicken, etc., their House Specials, larger format dishes were a key part as well. Losing that chunk of the menu is a loss.


Yeah, and this is what I don’t get: when owner lady lost the first chef when he ditched to open Chong Qing Special Noodles, she replaced him with that chef’s mentor. Okay, but why wasn’t anyone else trained to make the other dishes?? Like, that part of the menu was just unavailable on Tuesdays because the new chef took that day off. Now new chef is on extended vacation / bounced / was reincarnated as a red hen and boom, same deal. Like, are lessons learned? But damn, that hand noodle is sooooo bomb. Seriously, this is the most bizarre restaurant even by SGV standards, but I keep coming back for the hand noodle dishes :yum:


Confirmation that it is definitely closed.


Yes, I saw recently on yelp, and then again in your Eater update. Thanks! Honestly, I’m not surprised. Owner was absent, and staff was running amok. When I went a year ago, I witnessed staff (including kitchen) on their phones, ignoring me and other guests, while hanging out with their friends in a booth. One girl was even helping herself to the bar and clearly drunk, and another was pawing a dude (I assume her boyfriend) under the table! Gross.


UPDATE! Here’s a message I received on Yelp:


qiwei kitchen in the ranch 99 on main in alhambra dropped their prices to $6.99/lb a while back.(from $11/lb) business has not improved.

i was driving home from a lunch at laoxi noodle in arcadia and swore that i saw a delicious food corner sign where yunnan house/garden/whatever used to be on las tunas. can anyone confirm that?


no clue of when. this is next to noodle world on valley in alhambra.


Yup! Lots of Cantonese in that area anyway. Good move on for them and the surrounding families… Except for the additional traffic it will bring


it hasn’t been open all that long, has it? i think i would have recalled seeing it. now if i want the pork rice with egg, it’s less than 10 minutes away.

they’ve always been busy, but i guess i’m surprised that they thought it was a good idea to expand.


It was quite late at night, I’m not sure they’re even open for business yet


Is that the old Yunnan Garden location in San Gabriel?


i believe it is; i recall seeing the old signage on the same building.


Addl pic for clarity