WSGV updates


Yunnan Garden moved a few blocks east on Las Tunas to the shopping center with 168 Market and Sam Woo.


i meant to mention that: they replaced szechuan chef

and as previously mentioned, a second branch of delicious food corner is taking over the old YG location. i don’t think they’re open for business yet.

and if i haven’t mentioned it yet, sun nong dan’s breakfast special from 7-10:30am is now $7.99 / $1 more to go. but they added a 3rd banchan

i love their do ga ni tang (ox knee - basically all tendon)


the BMMT rosemead location has yet to open - a problem with the contractors according to the son. and my banh mi was just about perfect - best fillings in the area and the baguette had a satisfying but not shattering crunch to it.

the delicious food corner on las tunas is now open for business.

the for lease sign remains on display at the mall where you kitchen opened. i can’t figure out what space is being leased unless they’re closing the bowling alley.


Have you had You Kitchens dumplings??


i have. i’m pretty sure i posted about them back in november though i can’t seem to find where.

they have a kiosk for ordering and if you are not chinese fluent, it can time out and cause you to spend a lot more time than you should have to to order. but it did occur to me that if you could access that kiosk through an app, they’d get a ton of take out business where you could order take out and have it waiting to go.

it’s been two months, but i imagine this to be some version of JJM.

the (lamb?) dumplings were ok.


we also ordered the buns with pork & corn.

overall, it seemed… ok. but with an app that can order from your phone i can see them cutting into phoenix’ take out business share in terms of ordering convenience.


I liked You Kitchen a lot, FWIW. Thought the Xian Bing and the XLB and the dumplings with pork + veggies (fennel? pickled cabbage? they have a bunch) were very good. Noodles and soups just ok.

I didn’t have much trouble with the ordering system, though I did have to guess about one or two button presses.


I am a fan of You Kitchen.

I like the filling a lot, it is very light. I think Qingdao Bread does a slightly better fish dumpling and I love the garlic dipping sauce. I’ll have to try the pork/corn one next time at You’s


QDBF does very good fish dumplings. i haven’t been to QDBF in years though. the ones at zui xiang yuan (the old flavor garden) are pretty close in quality IMO.


@JThur01 has a new SGV article on eater.

and it’s ALL WSGV.


That’s where it was a-happenin’ since the last update. ESGV in the next month or two, as it warrants.


not complaining - more in response to a prevailing sentiment that anything new opening would most likely be in the ESGV.


having said that, i tend to think of big plate chicken as uighur, not xi’an, in regards to the mentioning of bistro xia’s. but since i’m a fan of xi’an cuisine, i expect to give it a try sometime next month. too bad, about ming wa - it was one of the first places i tried when i started exploring the SGV about 6 years ago. they made square scallion pancakes and offered a cold beef dish with which i’d fold my own beef rolls at the table. sadly, i never made it back.


Ming Wa was the first place I encountered a fish dumpling, probably 20 years ago. Then Dumpling 10053 came up with multiple varieties a couple of years after. To demonstrate the gulf between LA and NY Chinese food, I don’t think fish dumplings arrived there until around 2015.


I thought of da pan ji as Uyghur, because I first ran across it at Omar, but have recently seen mention that it isn’t truly Uyghur cuisine, even though it’s a popular dish in Xinjiang. Plus, Shaanxi Garden, Xi’An Tasty and Xi’An Kitchen all serve big plate chicken. Which are all of the SGV Shaanxi or Xi’An places aside from the one in West Covina.

I look forward to your report of Bistro Xia’s.


I didn’t get a chance to ask you how far back Ming Wa went. I knew it was something like 20+ years.


My first visit was 1996.


perhaps i should have stated that i hope to visit them next month; my regular weekly excursion time of friday lunches has been preempted by a 16 week contract which requires me to be in burbank on fridays. the folks who accompany me tend to be free on fridays more than on weekends.

also, i’ve decided to be more intentional on pasadena establishments; i’m looking for more food donations towards feeding the homeless. today i stopped at maquina tacos (pork belly mole burrito - i’ll post on that in the pasadena updates thread) got into a conversation with the chef and got a promise of a burrito donation 1st week of february.

but when i get there, you’l know.


well, fish doesn’t travel well.


Opening soon in the former Applebee’s at Las Tunas/Rosemead Blvd will be Chun La Hao Chongqing Hotpot

Opening soon in Arcadia, next to New Fusion and in LA Fitness plaza will be Tong Tak Seafood. Should be same concept group as World Seafood in Alhambra


Chongqing Special Noodles has a version of the Big Plate Chicken as well.