2/26 is last one, we have a mini-meet going. FTC meetup Friday 9/25 at Warehouse Sale?

That cruise line supplier is getting desperate to offload and giving even more discounts if you bring someone. Here’s the post link for additional comments details. Below is the post if you’re too lazy to click through.

I might wander over just to check it out. I don’t have much storage but never know.

Our sale is taking place this Friday, September 25th - location is 625 KOHLER ST. LOS ANGELES CA 90021 - Huge Kansas Marine sign in front of the building, here’s a link to our FB page: Kansas Marine West Coast - Home | Facebook

Below is a link to our full inventory, it is categorized for your convenience. Pricing are in cases but if you’re interested in each pricing please email me! Or come by, have your listing of items ready and we’ll help you shop.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s come by! As you might be aware, we haven’t been able to service our cruise line partners in over six months. As a warehouse that supplies over two thousand items to our customers, it’s no secret that items are going to expire or come close to going out of code. With that being said, we are lowering our prices on all items. We aren’t profiting from this sale, it’s about putting these grocery products to use! We honestly have no idea when cruises will be allowed to sail again.

I will give you 5% off the listed price if you stop by, I’ll give you 8% if you bring a friend. Hell, I’ll give you a free(expired) Nutella if you wear a Laker Jersey, I don’t know just stop by I’ll have a giveaway or something to make this fun.

My name is Kevin, ask for me when you arrive or email me with any questions, klopez@kansasmarine.com


Hmm, I’m afraid I can’t make it but on looking it over it seems like it might be a good opportunity for folks to stock up on foie.

Friday like workday friday? I’d buy the Grits though can’t figure out what size that is.

Yeah, tomorrow. I’m not working so I might go to check it out.

There’s two grits I see, not sure which one you were looking at.

Anson Mills is a 25lb bag for $133, which sounds high?
Grits Stone Ground Carolina #1003818 Cuisine Solutions 4/5# is $73 for the 20 lbs
Cereal Grits #04181 Quaker 12/24z is $23

According to the post, they will break up cases too and they’re responsive by that email. Also, if you want to place an order to pick up later, they can do that.

If I go, I don’t mind grabbing a case for you if it works out.

Thanks. I’m ok for now

Went there this morning. Easy set up, plenty of visitor parking. Everyone was masked, not a lot of people and people were conscious of distance.

It’s a big open warehouse with boxes on top of pallets. They have some good deals and some not so good deals. If I had more freezer space I probably would have stocked up on some of the frozen items, seems like the pricing there was better.

On the floor is mainly dry goods, most of the frozen items you have to ask them to bring out the case of what you’re interested in to look at. They’ll break up a case for you.

Some of the more interesting items I got was Alligator ribs and giant smoked turkey legs. In frozen packs. The ribs were only a $1/lb and packs average around 9-10 lbs a pack. The turkey legs come two to a pack about 4 lbs total at $3/lb .

Also grabbed one pound vacuum sealed bag of instant yeast for only $2. Bottom line, some good deals, but you’ll have to poke and look at the list.

They take credit card with a 3% charge. Overall, solid experience. It’s on every Friday but not sure how much longer since they did say the concern was expiring dates for a lot of the items.

So, anyone have a good alligator rib recipe? Got it on impulse at that price and thought I’d figure out how to cook later. I’ve had alligator before but never ribs.


Darn just saw this. :smirk_cat:

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The Sale Continues!

My haul for home, relatives & the neighborhood fridge.

They store everything in zero temp freezers and by the time I finished splitting up the sausages & franks my fingers were numb. :cold_face: I missed those smoked Turkey legs @Jase and might need to go back - They’re great in greens and blackeyed peas.

These photos are a large portion of what’s available but not everything. There’s a lot!

Boxes of frozen food, meats & fish (stored at zero temp). Yep @WireMonkey, pounds of frozen Foie.

They anticipate the sale to last at least a couple more weeks. Warehouse is open to the public on Fridays 9am-1pm, but if you see anything on the list you can order by phone and pickup any day. Don’t forget to bring cash or pay a 3% card charge.

Here’s a link to the product sheet.


Thanks @Jase for your guidance and patience! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! I’m so glad that worked out for you.

Slight clarification. If you use a card, they add on a 3% card charge. Cash they don’t.

FWIW, I’ve noticed some grocery stores carrying smoked turkey legs, pork necks, etc for $3/lb which is the same price this place listed. But the grocery ones aren’t nearly as large and not sure if it’s seasonal for the holidays.

This place, the size of the legs are like the monster ones they sell at a fair.


Thanks @Jase!

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I require the swollen livers from a flock of ducks!


Better than a flock of seagulls. And I’m going to run, run so far away after making this joke.


As my Persian friend who emigrated to the states in the 80s would say: “Iran is so far away.”


Thanks for the reminder! I went last Friday and ended up with a lot of random but good things: couple Wagyu NY strips, 12 english muffins, honeycomb, frozen sweet potato waffle fries were the highlights. My big score was frozen lobster heads for $3/lb. I’ve never just bought the head, but thought it would make good lobster stock for bisque, risotto, etc. The lobster bisque turned out pretty well but I didn’t realize how much you need to reduce the stock for it to be flavorful enough. That took all day. I also made an Irish fish pie with the stock and that was pretty tasty too. I now have a gallon of lobster stock in my freezer for future use and I only bought 3 lbs of heads.


Awesome! I saw the honeycomb and the lobster heads! Now I wanna’ go back! :grin:

wow, missed this thread…looks like some great stuff to be had.

That Wakuo concentrate ramen broth is essentially what some ramen joints use exclusively…ie cheater ramen. And they have sun noodles. someone can really get their ramen fix here.


now you can make your son’s favorite bestia’s uni pasta, which uses lobster stock.


I didn’t even think of that! I guess I know what we’re making this weekend. Thanks!

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Made it out today specifically for the sun noodles and cheater ramen base somi paitan. We provided the chasu and egg and all fixings.

Confirms what I already knew—this cheater ramen base tastes exactly like any number of generic ramens joints around town. See this link here for what i’m talking about (is ramen all a sham?) Scary thing is it’s pretty good and you will never know it wasn’t cooked from scratch. Sun noodles were excellent even from frozen. Great for quarantining and sure made dinner easy, but not so great for the blood pressure if you have to watch the Sodium…


Your bowl looks beautiful!

I’ll have to grab some noodles next time I go. I’m guessing they’re done for the year since the remaining Fridays are holidays.

Did you get anything else from them that you liked? They have such a huge inventory list, I’m still trying to figure out what they have that would be hard to get elsewhere or what’s good pricing on more common items.