2019 Cheap Burger Thread

Rules: Burgers costing $9.99 pre-tax/tip/etc only. That means the fabled ERB burger is OUT at a whopping $10 even (get that baller burger out of this thread!)

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Dog Haus. Sliders are close enough to smashed. $2 each.


Burgers Never Say Die


Smoke Shack / Chicken Shack - $7.29/$6.99 respectively.

I find it amusing that we used to call Shake Shack expensive when BNSD is just as expensive.

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<$4 OTD


I love McD’s hamburgers. A whopping $1.00 deal!

Five Guys for me…


Hiho burger 7.95 for a double.


the only time i go somewhere for one that’s under 10$ is 5 guys with the kid… or in and out… but that’s super rare because home burgers are better burgers.


The Burger Basket in Monrovia.
Cheese burger combo with fries and drink for $6.50 plus tax.
I’ve been going since I was a kid and the prices have crept up as the years have gone by, but they make the perfect burger meal. Proportions are just right, well seasoned patty, toasted bun. The lovely Thai family has owned it as long as I’ve been going. The patriarch with his efficient, considered movements remind me of a sushi master that’s been doing the same thing forever.
It won’t blow your mind, but it is perfectly satisfying.


Same here except its In n Out or Shake Shack. Only problem with the home burgers are the crappy toasted freezer burned buns (JK - I don’t want to get crucified just making a joke from the other thread). I might actually start buying Martin’s potato rolls in bulk and freezing them.


Welcome to FTC!

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There are better buns in any average supermarket around than anything frozen and re-toasted. Even wholefoods had an 8 pack for 2.59 of normy buns… (that’s what i ended up going with that day we had good times discussing mrs catholiver’s buns)

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so my options are

  • eat 2 buns and let 6 go stale
  • eat 2 buns and turn 6 into frozen hockey pucks
  • eat 2 buns and throw 6 away
  • eat 8 burgers before buns go stale

hm…all of a sudden $7.50 for a double doesn’t seem so bad.


These are not bad. We also like the pretzel buns but much more expensive.

But then wouldn’t they be “crappy toasted freezer burned” potato rolls???

from my highschool pizza shop days, you eat whatever you want to eat… they’ll be fine for 2 days… then the rest you leave out to air dry… once it’s dry you beat that fucker up and throw into a food processor and bingo… bread crumbs for all your cutletting needs .

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I have 7-8 different types of bread in my freezer. I was being facetious. If you freeze bread fresh it lasts longer. I thaw bread, use some for grilled cheese and toast some like bagels.


Oh, I knew you were. I was just being silly.

This particular batch of bread lasted longer than usual and surprised us by being moldy yesterday. We tend to move bread to the fridge and then freeze if necessary. When we don’t bake bread, we have a local bakery that makes a terrific sourdough. And our WF makes an even better rosemary sourdough; they only make it three days a week.

Thanks! Longtime lurker going back to CH…